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Mar 24, 2014
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What is a "Premium Supporter"?
Those with a bold username and a title of "Premium Supporter" have made financial contributions to support our community's growth and help sustain the resources required to keep the community going. Not everyone is in a financial position to contribute this way, but any relevant and help information that you post in our forums is just as much a contribution toward helping us grow.

Where does the money go?
There are two sources of income here: Banner ads and Member Contributions (donations). 100% of it goes right back into the site and the community. We do have some bills to pay to keep the site going and to keep our licensing and support up-to-date, but we are also on the lookout for new features to improve the site and its resources. We also run contests from time to time where we may give things away. The biggest two costs are hosting/licensing and the annual Carlisle event.

Does the staff get paid?
No, no one on the staff gets paid. We all volunteer our services. In some cases, even the staff members contribute financially when possible.

What are the benefits of becoming a Premium Supporter?
There are some account upgrades (limits) and a special area that is exclusive to Premium Supporters. Depending on future features, more benefits will probably arise.

What is a vendor, and what does it cost to become one?
A vendor is a person/member who is affiliated with a company that sells products related to the topic of this site... GM Trucks & SUV's. Typically, vendors specialize in a field, but some vendors have a more general reach. It does not cost anything to become recognized as a vendor or to advertise your products. Any advertisements would need to remain on topic though.

What is an advertiser?
Advertisers is a concept at this point, but will be a way for topic related companies to advertise, tastefully, to our community. The idea is to offer our members deals and discounts while also supporting the site. More info will be made available soon.

What are "Community Staff" members?
The community staff consists of members that volunteer their time to keep the community running efficiently. Some of us specialize in different things, and therefore we tend to focus more on those things individually. Basically, Administrators & Moderators make-up the staff, but there is no emphasis on tiers of site staff.

Suggested Q/A topics will be added as necessary...
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