Massachusetts Right to Repair


This is very interesting regarding privacy and the data that auto makers collect via the onboard systems and one State trying to do something about it.

I raised this issue here a few years ago about OnStar's sharing of info collected even though you don't have an OnStar account or use it. I think they got holy hell because they backed out of that plan.


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Yep - I saw that from the link Rock sent via their monthly e-mail.

Definitely a positive for the consumer, in that the systems have to be certified more or less 'open source' accessible, so that the dealers don't have a proprietary interface that only they can access (and only they can then effect repairs on a vehicle).

The manufacturers / dealer associations were countering with "but hacking!" (among other things)
While I don't want someone hacking into my car's computers, I don't want to be a dealer's hostage, either.

Now that this is being adopted, it'll probably spur 50-state / Canada compatibility, just like Cali emissions standards drove the rest of the country (although there were more states that 'formally' adopted their standards).

Re: OnSnoop - that reminds me - I need to find the module & rip it out of the Sierra (it still works, to the point I could dial them up, sign up for a plan, and get the services, if I wanted.) It's supposed to be lower mid-dash, but that'll require me to take out the floor console. Soon... very soon... :satan:

We may not be able to control manufacturers, insurance companies, et al, being able to access the diagnostic & event recorder data... but we damned sure should be able to access it, as well.

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