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Good day. I would like to seek your assistance.
Due to strict Covid Quarantine, I could not take my Chevy Trailblazer 2018 for service.
I was advised that I can service the vehicle on my own without voiding the warranty (due to COVID), but do it at your own risk.

1. I have successfully changed the oil filter and the 5w30 oil.

2. I am planning to flush the coolant system, but I can't seem to find the radiator cap. Please see the attached picture for your reference (apology for the messy hood)
I believe the radiator cap is hidden somewhere below the 'squared blue' box or at possibly; no radiator cap exist

Assuming there is no radiator cap, I have 2 options to fill the radiator.

2.1 Fill the coolant tank till full until it reaches the host level; having done so, the coolant will drip through the hose connected to the radiator.
2.1.1 See attached picture "Option 1"

2.1 Unattached the hose form the coolant tank, funnel coolant till full then connect the hose to the tank by using a funnel. Fill until full.

I am planning to check the pressure of the AC-Freon, and I have seen the high-port (marked with an "H").
Is this the Low-port? (see attached pic "Low")

Thanks guys and stay safe.


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Since this model was never sold in North America, we have absolutely no experience with them. You are the first to post about it here. All we can offer is general advice and guidance.

That video you posted is probably your best option for refilling the coolant. However, your vehicle is a 2018. It would have been originally filled with DexCool which has a service life of 5 years or 160,000 km. So unless you have gone over that km threshold, you could leave it a while longer. Refill only with DexCool or you will have problems.

For the A/C ports, if it says H, it is likely the high side port. Look around for the L low side port. They are different sizes so it's impossible to mix them up, the high side port being larger.


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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I will be using Dexcool for the coolant flush.
But I was wondering, after reading the manual, it says use "ethylene glycol",
There are many after-market selling coolants with ethylene glycol content.
I was wondering, what if the impact (other than voiding warranty) if we use an aftermarket coolant instead of dexcool?


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Using another type other than Dexcool can result in a bad reaction with any of the old Dexcool still in the system. It can turn into goo that will block up the radiator.

There are "universal" coolants that supposedly mix with all types. I still wouldn't trust it and stick with Dexcool. Why chance it just to save a couple of bucks.

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