Lost a turn signal in my D/S tow mirror - repairable?


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I noticed the other day that I lost the turn signal in my Sierra's driver's side tow mirror (these are the older ones that came on the NBS / 'Classic' trucks, and mine is probably a knockoff, as I'm pretty sure it came with the stock 'paddle' type). But mine do have the signals & heaters. Here's a generic image, for review:

Anyway, from what I can tell, the lamp is an LED module. Anyone know if these are repairable? I'm guessing I'd probably break the assembly trying to take it apart, and then I'd be looking at new mirrors, anyway. TBH, I'd probably look to 'upgrade' to the NNBS (08-13) style, although I know they'll be 'upswept', compared to the older style (maybe I could shim them -?)

I tend to move the mirrors to their extremes when I take the truck in / out of the garage, and did so recently, so maybe I stressed (?) a wire or something. Again... I haven't seen too much online about 'repairing' the signals, so I'm not confident about my ability to repair this one.

TIA for any replies / insight.


I guess the first thing I would ask is, how difficult is it to remove the mirror glass, or do the fronts of the mirror casing pop off like they do on the 360/370s? I'd start by trying to confirm if there's voltage reaching the LEDs, cuz if not, repairing a wiring/connector issue is much easier than circuit boards and components.

Since you mentioned you move the mirrors to their extremes, and did so recently before the issue cropped up, I'd also lean towards the issue being somewhere in the wiring having a break from flexing.


I have those on all my trucks, including the TB. Basically the OBS version but it has the LEDs on the side. On the Avy, it's the NBS version with the arrow in the glass.

In the off chance it's the LEDs in the glass, the company that imports them is local to me and can check for a replacement. If not, I can send you the one from the set I had on the Saab since not too many people here are looking for tow mirrors wired for a gmt360.


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Moose - shoot me the name of that company when you have time; I'll do the legwork on this end (there may be a US 'sister', too). PM is ok, either way. Thanks!

Looking a little bit online, it looks like offerings have increased a bit since I was looking at these last (for the 'other' Sierra). But they still run about $350 for a set, shipped / tax.

If they're repairable, I'll do a thread on it (or, the attempt, anyway... ) :quiverlips:


It's AutoShack. They do have US contact info. They were previously known as, and still are present on eBay and Amazon, Prime Choice Auto Parts.


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That was a great lead, Moose -- thanks. Was able to get to the Prime Choice website, and while I didn't see 'glass only' options... I did see 'single side' replacement options, as well as what has to be some of the cheaper prices for these things, online. As an example, they're selling the '08-'13 version, all decked out, for about $150 / set USD. That's cheap.

So, as it turns out, I've found some 'glass only' sources... but all of them are "reuse your existing LED" (they have the 'arrow dots'). Since the LED is the part of mine that went south, that doesn't help me. Will wind up removing the glass on the D/S to check things out (I'd already replaced the smaller glass underneath, which is non-powered, heated, etc.) And if that goes south, then I'll head back to Prime Choice and order up a new housing (or set).

Also, I ran across how to get the glass out. It's a pry-out by hand affair. And there's apparently no 'wires' in the housing -- probably all PCB, etc.

It'll be at least a few days before I get to this, as always. Patience is a virtue :laugh:

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