Looking for EBCM w/ JL4 electrical connector


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Sep 25, 2020
Denison TX
Apparently the last warm body that worked on my Yukon's ABS Controller either couldn't read pictures or was a complete novice and should have left well enough alone. Started getting codes re: stability & went to check the wiring to find the connector to the EBCM was literally destroyed & held in place with duct tape. Ended up fabricating something a workaround out of epoxy & a lot of time that got the connection protected and graduated to tie wraps!

Anyway, fixing to replace the ABS Controller assembly & thought I' fix the wiring connector at the same time only to find out I have the only Yukon in the country that connector was used on.

I've been unsuccessfully searching hi & low for a couple of months trying to find a replacement connector for my '04 Yukon 5.3L SLT's ABS Control Module. Of course it's the one with the VSES option built into the the BMPV & EBCM and that seems to make a replacement impossible to find.

The GM (Ac Delco / Delphi) part number from both Mitchell & AllData, 15405468, doesn't produce a hit or cross reference anywhere, even with GM or the old Delphi outfit.

The one I'm looking for is a 46-Way GT280 Female "ABS Control Module Connector"

If anyone has any suggestions on where to look I would greatly appreciate it.

Or, if anyone has been stuck in the same scenario looking for this 1 in a billion connector I'd love to hear what all it's put you through!



Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
Just Googling that number a bit, found out it's also used in 2005 Escalades.

Have you tried going to a dealer and having them search for the part number? They might have changed the Delphi number to another. They might have it in a dusty warehouse somewhere.

Beyond that, trying to find a compatible truck in a yard could be your only other option.
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Aug 16, 2015
I looked about for that connector as well and will add that to my list for junkyard retrievals at some future time.

Hopefully I will not ever have the need for the part but would be good to have it on hand just in case as my 05 Yukon has the JL4.

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