Looking at buying an EXT!

Hi everyone! I've been looking at 3rd row vehicles for awhile now that my son (3rd kiddo) has been born and came across an '03 TB EXT with 110k and wanted to know if there were any 'issues' to keep an eye out for when looking/driving this vehicle. Thanks!
Mostly the normal stuff you'd check on a vehicle that is getting older (14 years old now) and over the 100k mile mark. Check for rust in the usual places (lower door edges and liftgate bottom edge), take a look at the power steering lines that go over the top of the driver side strut tower and the transmission lines that go along the passenger side for any signs of heavy corrosion. Find out any maintenance history you can.

If it has 4WD make sure it switches between modes OK. Check that the rear climate controls work as I believe some people have had the coolant lines (for the heat) going back there go bad, and some just cap the lines off and not use the rear controls.


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Yeah, check the usual. Chances are the rear hvac won't work. They're finicky. Ask them if the recall on the gas tank was taken care of, it might not have needed it though. Wouldn't hurt to take a code reader with you to check codes if the light is on. Make sure the temp gauge sits on 210 when warmed up.
Check for codes even if the CEL is off. Sometimes sellers will clear them just before a buyer shows up but will be pending in the background.

Like Mounce said, check the rear HVAC is working. If the front is working but not the rear, then the rear A/C lines were blocked off probably due to a rear line leak. Same for rear heat. May or may not be important to you but can be a bargaining point.