Looking at buying, 2007 TB Instrument Cluster question

I'm looking at buying a 2007 TB and the DIC/Odometer does not work, all other gages do work. During my research I've read about the 02-06 needing stepper motors and/or, then re-programmed to the correct Odometer reading. Will I have to replace the cluster to fix this to know what the mileage is on this TB and will I have to get it re-programmed? Or will it be a plug and play with a new/used cluster.

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Sounds more like the DIC display itself has failed. Probably the only way to extract the current mileage would be to get a high end scanner or Tech 2 that can access the cluster's data. If you do replace it, you can swap it with another one from a junker (06+) and plug it in. The mileage can't be reprogrammed without a very specialized piece of equipment so whatever that junker's mileage was will be displayed. Only time you can program mileage is with a brand new cluster and it has to be done by a dealer or someone with a Tech 2.
BTW, you did try the dimmer? IIRC, if it's dimmed enough, the display goes black. Check the IP illumination fuse.


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If you check around on Ebay and Craigslist, there are repair shops for your cluster. They charge about 100 bucks, and they can fix the DIC info area, and any stepper motors.

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