Leaking front drivers side axle seal


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Hey guys, my mechanic wants $500 to replace both front axle seals, bearings and replace the diff fluid using all new GM parts. I've ball joints and other suspension parts but never seals like this. Is it worth having the mechanic do this or should I give it a try? I always appreciate any and all feedback.
He must mean the differential seals. One is an axle seal, the other is a intermediate shaft seal. The passenger side is the disconnect with an axle grease seal so it wouldn't leak fluid there. Either way, both axles have to come out to pull the diff.

What is the problem? Is there leaking? If so, where?


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Pop out CV, remove strut assembly. Install slide hammer onto seal and beat it out. Tap in new seal. I don't think you have to worry about the bearings if it is just the seal.
OK but from where? At the axle only? The inner part at the oil pan? If just at the axle, then just replace that seal. Hopefully the inner one is in better shape.


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He told me that the axle seal is leaking but since it will be all apart, he recommends changing the bearings and all the seals.

I looked under the truck and the whole left side is wet so its a bit tough to pinpoint where its leaking from.
I'd clean it all off and dry with brake cleaner and see where it's coming from exactly. If it's just the outer axle seal, fine but if it's the inner, that's a whole lot of work to get at. But then, if done by a shop and it still leaks, they'll be on the hook for the rework.