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Jan 21, 2018
Hey y'all!

It's been quite some time since I've visited here and I still own my failblazer (2004) haha
After I moved to Montana 12 months ago, my key got stuck in accessory mode.
I found the easiest solution was to remove the plastic shroud from around the steering column so I could mechanically override the computer and remove my key.

This solution worked perfect for me but lately I've decided I want to sell my rig and get a Toyota or Honda compact SUV due to reliability and they sure look great!
So I'm planning on improving (where possible) the rig before selling. I have a laundry list of things to do:

* Stuck key
* Repair paint scratches
* Replace front fender grill due to crack
* Detail vehicle including engine bay
* Underbody anti rust coating
* Other things to come as I continue to inspect other problems

I am doing this as it brings me joy and I want the next person who owns this to have a decent rig and can ask a better price.
I've learned a ton over the years with help from members here, Mooseman's diagrams, YT.
Every problem I've encountered I've been able to fix myself from suspension to engine. That's more of a testament of how amazing people can be to share and help others online.

Tackled the first task in this list. Started after work. Investigation time. Google searched and found all sorts of part shotgun advice which not really interested in. Found a good diagram to follow. Followed and it brought me to conclude I needed to disassemble the center console to check the shift interlock connector ( right next to shifter ). Sure enough, the pink wire ( data link ) was broken.

Purchased a new AC delco pt3923 from local O'Reillys. New connector and wiring harness check. Took picture of wiring placement then got to work soldering new and existing wires with heat shrink and electrical tape ( didn't include image for this ) to be extra safe. Once complete tested and viola worked flawlessly. Attached a few pictures with everything already disassembled and the diagram I used to troubleshoot. Pardon the rust I AM going to clean that up quick and follow up with Rustoleum.

Making this post incase it might help others in the future ( who knows?? ) =)


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Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
Good show.

That rust is quite normal since it is a bare metal part that you don't see unless you remove the console.

Good luck with your other repairs.

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