Indispensable CAN-BUS High Speed Diagnostic Training


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Oct 22, 2015
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If you EVER found the need to investigate CAN-BUS HIGH SPEED Network with No Comms or No Start issues and would like to know…( Ignoring the Different GM Make-Model as being immaterial):

(1) How Does the CAN-BUS HIGH SPEED Network Function?
(2) What Diagnostic Tools Do I Need?

(a) High End Scan Tool (Snap-On Verus, “GYMKO” Tech 2, GM MDI, VXDIAG-NANO)

(b) An Inexpensive Oscilloscope with a Probes and Leads Kit (Hantek or PICO-Scope)

(c) A Lighted, $100.00 (16) Pin DLC “BOB” (Break Out Box)

(d) A Graphing Multi-Meter (Snap-On Vantage or Vantage Pro)

(3) What Diagnostic and Communication Issues are involved?
(4) What Diagnostic Tool Use Approach should I always take?

Then look no further than THIS Video in which “Crazy Ivan” (The Man From Phad) at Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics… Teams up with Keith “Dino” De Fazio (The Man From New Level Auto) on Staten Island to Investigate & Explain HOW The CAN HIGH SPEED (GM-LAN) Data Bus Works and all that is entailed in TRACING AND FIXING A BROKEN CAN-BUS HIGH Network System, from Start to Finish.

THIS Video is THE Signature CAN-BUS HIGH SPEED Network System Training Session ALL Mechanics should want to Download, Save and Watch as often needed. :>)

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