AMAZON In-Channel Ventvisor $38.67


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I have them and hate them, on both the Voy and tbss they just bring in more road noise... when I had the ones that go out of channel on the Voy I did not get any road noise until they started pulling apart. I plan to go back to out of channel but that will be after I do my spring time detail.
Those are the ones I used. I never noticed excess noise from them.


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Interesting, I wouldn't think there would be a difference but I suppose it's possible. My ride came with the out channel when I bought it and I took them off because I didn't like the way they looked (previous owner put them on crooked). Well, I have a set of these in channels coming so we'll see how they sound.
Just a little note - I had to do some minor trimming on the rear window tab as it wasn't wanting to sit fully flush without being pushed into place. I wasn't convinced it wouldn't pop free eventually, so I just rounded the little corner a bit on the AVS visor with a sharp knife.
I love my in-channel. Would never go without them honestly. I already cracked two of mine offroad so i think I will pick these up for replacement.

I, myself, think the out of channel look awful. I never noticed any noise with my in-channel, but I always have big aggressive tires and a big ole stereo that covers most noise in general.
I've got the in channel set as well. Honestly not sure about the road noise, as I almost always have my music playing :cool: I also did some grinding on the rear window tab, so it could tuck inside the window frame, instead of sitting on the outside like it was designed to. :weird:

My only knock on them is reduced visibility at the A pillar, but that's a trade off I can live with. As long as I don't have a knot in my neck or something, I can work around that just fine.


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've had my eye on these for awhile and this is the lowest price I've found them at. They are usually $45-$50+
I was pretty sure I found them cheaper on eBay (and they were new). After looking, I found that I purchased them for $23.00 (back in 2017).
Granted, they're $23.95 now - just saw them HERE Different vendor. There are 5 sets available at that price.

I kind of like the in-channels better myself. Only installed the fronts (and waited till last summer to do it), but have had no issues with them.

On edit: The above link is for a LWB set (which I have); from the OP's avatar, I'm guessing he has a SWB. Crossing my fingers there's a SWB set, for whomever might be looking.


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Have these on the voy and they are great. Certain cross winds can give a bit of wind noise but nothing that bothers me.

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