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SUPPORT How To Make "Stone Soup" at GMT Nation

Discussion in 'Site Support' started by MRRSM, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. MRRSM

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    In the Ancient Fable and Story of “The Stone Soup”… A Stranger entered the center of a Small Village and after observing an abandoned, overturned Black Cast Iron Kettle, he sat the thing upright upon a pile of sticks and wood laying about and after filling the insides with cold well water… with the Kettle resting there ...he lit a Kitchen Fire right there in the middle of the causeway. As the flames finally took hold and flickered while the water inside slowly began to swirl and boil… he could see that he was drawing the attention of a few villagers ..and with Nightfall coming… he invited a few of them to join him while sitting around the open hearth.

    At one point.. he mentioned in passing that he intended to show them “How to Make “Stone Soup”. Those around him looked puzzled as he rose and wandered the courtyard nearby under their gathering watchful eyes until he found the Perfect, Pure White Stone he was seeking … a small, oval and flat shaped River Rock; worn smooth over the ages. And after cleaning the small, Quartz thing in an almost reverent manner ...he dropped the object into the bottom of the Giant Kettle.

    After several minutes of watching him stare patiently down into the Giant Pot...The Villagers also gazed within at the boiling cauldron asked him… “Well… What is going to happen now…?” The Stranger replied… “This kind of Soup must simmer for quite a while… and in the mean time… we must all be watchful ...” Finally… one Old Woman leaned over and after smelling the odorless swirling clear hot liquid exclaimed, “ Why… I might have a few Onions in my Larder that would improve the flavor… I’ll go and get some now…!”.

    Quick as boiled Asparagus… the Elderly lady came back with a few Large Onions and after giving them to the Stranger… he prepared them ...and with her permission and her approving broad smile… he dropped them, sliced and cubed ... down into the Stone Soup. Gradually… the others nearby exclaimed what they too could donate something of their own to improve the flavor of The Stone Soup. They all hustled and bustled back and forth and quite soon the fragrance of a Delicious Soup began to improve and spread through the friendly atmosphere around the gathering participants while their combined efforts were happening.. It was a strange feeling among those who contributed after so many agreed to give of what they had and share in their collections with their friends and neighbors.

    With an abundance of food finally brimming over inside of that Huge Pot… and with Bowls and Spoon handed out to one and all participating in the creation of something quite special by so many people living nearby, The Old Woman began to Dish up the Meals to The Villagers. But there came a point when the Old Woman noticed that The Stranger sitting quietly within in their midst had not yet partaken of this Grand and Healthy Meal. And so as the people gathered around… she presented him with a large, steaming hot bowl of the fine food and mentioned in a soft voice… “Thank You ever so much, Sir…. For teaching us ALL.. How to Make a Magnificent Pot of… “Stone Soup”.

    Following the model behind “The Story of The Stone Soup”… The Members who Dwell in community here at GMT Nation are not much different than The Villagers in that Fable. We all come here into the various Forums; places where the Healthy Competition for the Best Ideas brings so many opportunities to us to learn from one another and share important and much needed solutions to so many problems.

    And so this phenomena is happening here… Right Now… each and every day. And unlike the poor responses and lack of acceptance many have experienced on other Forums, those who come here are never turned away. Those who remain and contribute even more have also benefited from so much kind attention and care for the correct details of how to solve their immediate, expensive... and often long term mechanical problems. If nothing else… when you come to GMT Nation… You Learn to Appreciate The Efforts and Abilities of Other Men and Women.

    And so in closing… without such a place as this, many would have to suffer the agony of spending Enormous Sums of Money while being held hostage to others; ostensibly holding “Secret Knowledge” about their disabled vehicles ...but with often very unsatisfying outcomes with repairs done by Dealerships and Auto Repair Shops by those having little hands-on experience or expertise with fixing such problems with our unique Platforms. And like The Villagers in “The Story of The Stone Soup”, OUR participation here at GMT Nation only works with OUR Contributions, as well. The New Year of 2018 will soon be upon us… Why not become a Silver, Gold or Platinum Donor and join the cause of helping to keep our vehicles running… and the Christmas Lights and The Ideas here at GMT Nation… Burning Brightly? :>)
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  2. Capote

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    Well said friend. As a matter of fact, I plan to am change my membership to platinum once it expires.
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  3. Mooseman

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    And there are other ways to contribute to keeping the soup boiling. For example, someone asked me for a small part for his truck. I basically told him I'll send it for free if he gets a paid subscription to the site. I also got the Tip Jar idea going, which hopefully we can get back up again because that can generate a little from those just passing by and having a small bowl of the soup.

    GMT Nation. A big soupy place :smile:
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