How many miles have you got on your GMT


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I didnt think we had one of these threads, so here goes! :biggrin:

I just ran out and checked my odometer. I bought my 2002 Envoy in 2004 with 64,090 miles on it. I now have 153,417. Just like age, it flew by! :eek:

What kind of truck do you have and how many miles are you at right now?


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The wifes '02 TB was bought used in '04. Has a gentle 128K on the odo.

Other than batterys (on either its 3rd or 4th) it is still remarkably running on original parts....alternator, starter, suspension arms and joints, CV half shafts, exhaust.

Other replaced parts include front hub bearings on both sides, numerous pad/rotor replacements.

I love this vehicle, but it is 1 kid short to be useful now....we now have 6 in our family and this hulk only carries 5....


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davenay67 said:
The wifes '02 TB was bought used in '04. Has a gentle 128K on the odo.

Other than batterys (on either its 3rd or 4th) it is still remarkably running on original parts....alternator, starter, suspension arms and joints, CV half shafts, exhaust.

Other replaced parts include front hub bearings on both sides, numerous pad/rotor replacements.

I love this vehicle, but it is 1 kid short to be useful now....we now have 6 in our family and this hulk only carries 5....
You have a roof rack right!? :rotfl:


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fishguy1123 said:
You have a roof rack right!? :rotfl:
Too funny....I have visions of the scene in the Griswald family vacation stuck in my head now. There is usually someone in the herd acting up enough that I wish I could shove them on the roof or in the trunk at times....:wink:


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davenay67 said:
Other than batterys (on either its 3rd or 4th) it is still remarkably running on original parts....alternator, starter, suspension arms and joints, CV half shafts, exhaust.
I'd like to share a little 'cheapass wisdom' with you if I may :tiphat:

I bought a new battery from Sams Club in 2004 for my Envoy. It has a 3 year full warranty. You can bring it back within the 3 year period and get a new one, free. Then the warranty starts over. See where Im going with this? :biggrin:

Juicy K

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2002 Bravada, January 16th 2009 we bought it with 112,000 on the clock. Sitting in the drive way as I type it has 149,742.
I personally have done a TB cleaning, Air filter, Brake Rotors (sloted and drilled) "ceramic" pads", Royal Purple Front and Rear Diff, Autotech II fluid in the TC. Onstar disabled, battery, both front wheel bearings.
When I got the truck it already had greaseable fittings on the front sway bar end links. But it looks like it has the factory Bilstien shocks front and rear.
I love the truck, don't think my wife thinks so highly of it. But considering the comfort, and size compared to our sports cars. Its great, even gets better MPG's than I had expected.


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245k miles on the Envoy right now. I have had to replace a few parts, wheel bearings, alternator, ac compressor, suspension, transmission. However even with the maintenance it is still cheaper then a monthly payment on something else.


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Took delivery of my Envoy, September 29, 2002.
Filled up today @ 52,681 miles. :wootwoot:


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2005 Envoy bought new on 7/9/2005. Now just over 70K miles.

Boricua SS

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bought my '07 SS on October 20, 2008 with 9,400 miles on her... as she sits parked in the garage, she has 42,455 miles now...

not a GMT, but my DD is a 2001 Grand Prix GT that i got from my mom since the SS is parked for winters... she bought it off the showroom floor in '01 with 25 miles on it.. now she has 124,320 miles on her and still running strong


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We're at about 83,000 miles on our 2008 TB. :thumbsup:


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I bought my 2002 TB in '04 off a lease return. It was GM Certified and had a measly 18,000 on it. Fast forward 8 years and its at 165,897 now. Running like a top.


156k pushing 157k soon on my 02 TB. I've done some work to it but nothing too terrible. Mostly wear items like ball joints, brakes, both front hubs now... and the 4x4 disconnect, stupid thing.

I did replace the rear axle since the diff was slowly eating itself.

The front suspension creaks sometimes but it has original bushings, so it doesn't surprise me. I should replace them at some point but aside from the creak they still work ok lol.


Ok, be ready for a long read...

Bought my 02 EXT July last year as a basket case, knocking engine at 192K Km (119K miles). Just to get it on the road:
- used engine (obviously)
- battery
- power steering pump
- lower balljoints
- brakes all around and parking brake shoes
- exhaust manifold (both were cracked!)
- gas tank (on recall)
- front bumper cover and left headlight
- tires
- rear diff seals
- Ignition coil
and a bunch of little odds and ends, fluid changes and so on.

Since then:
- 4 end links
- rear heater core
- 2 front hubs (Raybestos, made in China)
- front and rear stab bar bushings
- an upper balljoint
- alternator (cheap Chinese crap, thought I'd give it a try)
- another CPAS, camshaft position sensor and crankshaft position sensor
- another CCC alternator (replaced on warranty)
- Left front hub again (The Raybestos disintegrated in 4 months, went with a Timken this time and another on the way to replace the other before it dies)
- 3rd alternator (went with a Remy this time, also made in China but lifetime warranty)

To be done soon:
- Camshaft actuator (ongoing P1345)
- right front hub
- disconnect rear HVAC mode actuators (ticking, died after alternator replacement, don't need them, A/C don't work, rear will never work due to rear heater core repair)
- Resonator delete
- Cat replace

Ongoing issues that may/may not be addressed:
- A/C (leaking front evaporator, don't feel like pulling dashboard out)
- DVD non-functional
- Left heated mirror
- rusted tailgate and door bottoms (surface)

- Some LEDs done (steering controls and dash switches, rest coming as well as interior)
- Pioneer FH-P8000BT HU
- Recent efans

I'm probably forgetting some too. Mileage now...

204K Km (127K miles)


i'll revive this thread.

I'm at 159,000. Bought it in '06 with 59,000

What I've had to do so far, in order:

Fan (converted to Efan)
Head unit of stereo
Rear sway bar links
Wheel bearings


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sneaking up on 145k miles since I rode my bike to pick her up

picked this up new, had around ten grand of rebates, refunds, credits, and discounts, so paid around $25k in the spring of 2003.

also figure I spent around $25k in gas so far.

drive it a lot less since I picked up a new 2009 Jetta TDI station wagon in sept 2008, which now has 90k on it. (and gets 40 mpg on the highway) figure $9k fuel, vs the $18k the TB would have burned.

If I try hard, i bet I can spend in parts and maintenance what I saved in rebates.

except for a transmission around 103k (no reverse)

no problems except brakes and tires till this year. when i got too cheap to pay to have the work done. my DIY below **
(ok, also plugs and one coil, and hub/bearings)

fan clutch**
tie rod ends (inner and outer)**
front and rear brakes (disks and pads)**
hub bearings (for the fun of it)**
front end links**
fuel pump ( $$$)
transmission cooler lines**
and a pan drop to check the level of the fluid**
spare hoist**

The AC compressor is on the last legs, and i think I have at least one actuator waiting for me tear apart the dash to fix.

the temp indicator is on the dark side, but I don't need to see it at night anyway.:smile:


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I have 176k on my 04 Rainier

Since I had it
New exhaust manifold
Spark plugs
Brakes and rotors
Front bilstein HDs
Air filter

Soon changing o2 sensors and rear airbags I think are leaking

Ed H

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I have 157,200 on my '02 LTZ. I picked her up ~7 weeks ago with 156,100.

Maintenance done so far (no records came with the vehicle),
Front / rear diff fluid (Royal Purple)
Transfer case fluid (GM Auto Trak II)
Mobil 1 high mileage (wishing I used regular, not high mileage) :undecided:
Chevron fuel injector cleaner (x 2)
Brake Motive brakes (drilled / slotted rotors, ceramic pads) :thumbsup:
Camshaft position sensor (P0014 code)
CPAS sensor (P0014 code - connector filled with oil, duh!)
New throttle body (I apparently toasted mine during an aggressive cleaning?? :hissyfit:)
Bilstein HD shocks (struts go on this weekend)
Repaired flakey rear defroster (loose connectors)
Engine detail (looks damn good now :tongue:)

She runs like a top. I am absolutely loving the truck. Pulls my 18' Nitro fish-n-ski like a pro!

Next up,
Trans fluid
Check intake manifold bolts
Chevron fuel injector cleaner (x 2)
Check water pump (it sounds like I am running a super charger on very cold mornings) :no:
Inpect, R&R front suspension components. It is ALL original. Pass side has a slight loose 'clunk' over bumps.


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Miles have gone up a lot since last post. Wife's Rainier is about 59,000 miles and my 9-7 just flipped 70,000 miles since I drive it every day. Not impressive except so far the Rainier had a broken spark plug and one shaft seal replaced and the 9-7 has had nothing except rear brakes and rotors since I've owned it and before that only two wheel bearings and a front hood emblem. These cars are rock solid and nothing even minor ever goes wrong.


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Bought the truck in Oct 07 and racked up miles quick, I was over 110k 3 years ago. Moved closer to work and I stopped racking up the miles. The fiance also picked up a new car and that gets used for road trips more often.


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I bought my 2004 Envoy in Sept 2010 with 99,000 on the odometer. It currently has 140,500 miles. When I bought it from the dealership the only PM things I have had to do besides normal oil changes, replaced the spark plugs twice, first time at 100,000 and last time at 140,000. Replaced front, rear, trans and transfer case oil at 100,000. Haven't touched the brakes yet. The dealership may have. The front driver side wheel bearing has been replaced. Replaced the spare tire winch. Replaced smog pump under driver's side of truck and have the air valve coming that is off the exhaust manifold. Still running strong and just like the day I bought it!!


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Just passed 80K miles. Got a picture of the odometer at 79999 that I need to post.


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Bought it at 218000 kms so about 135000miles, a year and a half later 264000km so about 164000 miles.

Did the usual repairs and maintenance. Only serious repair was steering rack....but found one used and it only cost me about $50 to have it put in for me. Just did the rear rotors and brakes myself the other day.

I found a spot for wheel bearings where you can't beat the price 2 for about $110 shipped to my door. I know they are cheap but it's an easy job to replace them and the Local parts store wants 3 to 4 times as much money for just one!!


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Update for me...wife's Rainier has right about 60,000 miles now and the 9-7 is at about 72k miles. Rainer has a couple of things that need to be addressed under warranty such as window that won't operate, yoke bump issue, while the 9-7 has still cost me zero in repairs aside from the rear rotors and breaks...not even anything small i'm ignoring and it is my commuter and everyday car. Remember I bought it off the internet based only on pictures and the word of the seller and had it shipped to me so this story could have gone the other way. I truly think the fact the 9-7 was a one owner and really well maintained has been the key. Most complete carfax and autochecks I've ever seen.


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Turned 126,000 today on the way to work. But I am on the second motor :sadcry:

126K on the truck, there is approx 78 on the motor.



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I think I'm sitting at 117,000 :cool:


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227,000 and change on my 2004. Probably not as fresh as it once was but it keeps on trucking.


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Mine is a baby. 2006 purchased in 2011 had 35,000 miles on it. I don't use it every day, it now has 51,000. Except for front hubs and I need to replace the A/C actuator, it has been good.

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