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Jan 16, 2012
I am correct in thinking that the TB comes with a class III hitch..??

The TB is an '02 LTZ 4x4 4.2L I6.

Looking to tow a small motorcycle tailer and making sure that all I need is a bar and ball. would this one below work for me..??

U-Haul: Moving supplies: Towing Starter Kits 5000 lbs


Dec 5, 2011
A 2" bar is what you need so yes the link would be the correct one. My guess is that the trailer will be fine to tow. If you plan on long trips you may want to look at a trans cooler to be safe. Check out the what do you tow with yours thread. Probly alot of good info for you.

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Dec 8, 2011
Yes, we have a class III. There is a towing chart somewhere on The Nation which breaks down the maximum trailor weights (also available in your owners manual). From the sounds of what you are towing, you should be fine. Also, make sure the trailor has the correct wiring connector or you have an adapter handy.

Also, dont forget to take pictures and post them in the "what are you towing" thread.


Jan 11, 2012
Even though our trucks have a class III hitch, for all intents and purposes, with a small single axle trailer (like a motorcycle trailer), you will be using it in class II mode (where the hitch bears the entire tongue weight of the trailer). That said, there are cheaper places than U-Haul to obtain a receiver adapter ("Stinger" in truck talk) and a 2" ball than U-Haul. I bought a 5000 Lb. receiver with a 4" drop and a 2" ball for about $25 at my local NAPA, and they sell wiring adapters for the trailer very inexpensively as well. Most likely, a tiny motorcycle trailer isn't going to have a full featured 7 pin plug, so you will most likely need a wiring adapter for the brake lights (and I'm guessing it's going to be a 4-pin flat connector).

And you will need at least a 4" drop hitch to get your trailer riding level (maybe lower, depending on the trailer). The TB/Envoy have a really high hitch receiver compared to other vehicles :yes:


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Jan 16, 2012
Thanks everyone..!!

Super helpful....:thumbsup:


Dec 6, 2011
Here is a link to Reese's ball mounts. You want to find the drop/rise that will tow the trailer within an inch of level. Don't forget the safety chains. Even if your state doesn't require them (and I don't know any) you want them incase the trailer comes off the hitch. Cross them too when you put them on.

You can also get a lot of towing information and supplies at https://www.etrailer.com/.

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