Headlight Lens Cleaning


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I knew headlight clearing products are all the rage these days, but do they actually work?

One of my headlights is as crisp and clear as the day it was made. The other is awful dark yellow and looks like garbage. But when I touch the lens, it feels pretty smooth, it feels like the yellowing is on the inside not the outside.

Is this normal for yellowed lenses, is a clearing product still likely to work? Or do I have some weird form of yellowing where I'm basically screwed?

Also is there a specific product you guys would recommend?


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I used the 3M kit years ago. I removed the headlamps to make it easier. I also took a lot of time to do the process. Used a cordless drill at a controlled low speed. The initial reaults were nice but I failed to do the followup treatment(s) and within a few years they were right back where thay had been.



It might still clear up. I had some like that on the Caprice and it sanded out. There was some inside damage but the rest came out so good that you hardly notice it.

Don't get the 3M kit. It says to sand dry and it left swirl marks on it and they give only a pitiful amount of the buffing compound. I've had good results with the Maguires kit. Wet sand by hand and buff using a drill attachment and the polishing compound.

One thing I did differently to protect them is put a 3M UV clear film on them. Actually made them pop since they're for putting on paint like the front of the hood. Was a challenge with some of the curves on these headlights. Might be the same challenge with the LT lights. Might have to do it in two pieces with a separating line on the side marker side.


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I used the Maguire's Blue box headlight restore kit, got about a year out of it before they got cloudy again. I think substituting the UV protectant they provide, with something higher quality would give longer last results.

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