HAS ANYBODY installed a 4L80E (or stronger/improved) in a Trailblazer/Envoy/Ranier/Bravada?


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I know there are some vehicles including AWD versions of this body style running around or racing with 4L80E's... maybe even something newer like 6L90's (just guessing on this one), heck, I think Murder Nova's street car is a turbo'd Trailblazer with a 4L80E!

Has anybody done a conversion to 4L80E or newer? Anybody see any articles or videos? I have seen a 4L60E to 4L80E swap on YT but it was a custom job in a fullsize GM C/K truck, not these S/T's.





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From a quick Google search, it has been done but mostly to TBSS.

I think it would be overkill on a 5.3. I'd concentrate more on beefing up a 4L60E

A 6L80E would be awesome but that's a whole different beast and would absolutely not like the PCM/TCM in your '05. And not sure if the transfer case would even bolt up to it.


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I priced two different 4L60E's from a place that does trans parts and $2000 (plus shipping) gets you one with a 350 hp limit and a 2000 stall converter! It's a "Level 1" trans. The Level 1 is considered "Stock Plus." You don't get a whole lot! https://transmissioncenter.net/shop...-4l60e-we-dont-sell-bone-stock-transmissions/

Another one, "Level 2" and better 3-4 clutches ($69 upgrade), the cost is $2468 plus s/h with a converter of choice up to about 2600-2800. Add another $599 for the 5-pinion planetary we discussed in the 4.10 thread on Level 3 & up. Level 2 you must stay below 500 hp.

They also have levels of 600, 700.... all the way up to 1000 hp. The next 2 price levels are $2899 and $4268... before add-ons...

Even adding a chinese turbo gets you a motor with 500-600+ hp... Swap in a 6.0, 6.2, or 7L and you can get some serious #s! I just saw a Cadillac supercharger that you can find for (they said) around $500 and someone made aluminum adapters to bolt it on a LS family motor! With some dyno tuning and E85 gas they had it up around 600 hp---ON A STOCK 4.8L LS MOTOR!

The 4L60E avoids all the adaption a 4L80E may need, especially w/4WD, but you can build an 80 to support 1200-1500 hp. Stock, an 80 has to be stronger than a Level 2 or 3 4L60E... maybe even higher...

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