DEAL Harbor Freight A/C R134A Manifold Gauge Set Sale


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Hey y'all, just opened my Harbor Freight sale ad and found this R134A gauge set. Online, I found it was a couple bucks cheaper. Even at full price, it will usually cost you over $100 to get tested. Now you can spend $55 and do it unlimited times for you and anyone else.

Happy testing, all y'alls!


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Also in that listing it says:

"Only $52.88 with coupon 31617945

Add item to cart to redeem coupon"
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now just find a cheap vacuum pump and you can do it all. my firebird has a leak at the o-rings on the back of the compressor so I have to recharge it like once a month should I want to keep cold air, but it gets colder air if you totally vacuum out the air that is left after the 134 escapes first before adding the new 134. Oh and don't forget the tank of 134, the guy I bought my Trans Am hatch from got a tank (about 1.2 to 2/3rds) the size of a typical propane tank for like 80 bucks there, he refilled mine last year when I bought the hatch from him, he also tracked down the leak for me using one of those sniffers.


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I saw HF had a vacuum pump for under $20 but who knows how well that would work lol.

Also, Walmart will have some of those big tanks every once in a while. Iirc they're like $80 there.
I have had the HF manifold set for about 5 years now and it still works great. The vacuum pumps they have are usually around $60 for the smaller one, and about $130 for the bigger one. I've never seen or heard of a $20 vacuum pump for HVAC?

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