NEED HELP Greasing sealed front wheel bearings


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Good luck with getting grease in there if it is sealed and no zirk fitting.
They are shooting grease in the ABS sensor hole with a short pipe fitted to a zerk fitting. Pretty clever. I have no idea how effective it would be, but it's clever nonetheless.



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That's an interesting link. I had posted earlier about a grease gun attachment sold on ebay that goes in the abs sensor hole. You'd have to pump a lot of grease to get it in the right spot. It may be better to inject a small amount of gear oil on either side of the reluctor wheel. That would flow into the bottom of the bearing and might extent the lifespan a bit. I've completely disassembled the hub so I can see how it all goes together.

update: I've studied the disassembled hub and found the best way to add grease.
A regular grease needle easily reaches into the inner bearing area. The outer bearing is more difficult - you have to aim the open side of the needle towards the outside and between the teeth in the reluctor wheel and give it a few pumps. Then rotate the hub a bit and do it again.
16 year old grease is hard and dry - it should be beneficial to freshen the grease every few years.

I'm still debating the gear oil idea..........
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I really don't see any need to grease sealed bearings, you run the risk of blowing out the seal and over greasing will cause the bearings to run hot. In my experience I have seen sealed bearings out last the greasable types in the same application....Mike.