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NEED HELP Got gifted a 2004 Yukon Denali with 60,000 miles. Wondering about items to go through.

Discussion in 'Engine & Drivetrain' started by Zeus101159, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Zeus101159

    Zeus101159 Member

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    My Father is giving me his Yukon. It has 100614 km on it and has been in heated garages since new. But still driven in the land of ice, snow ... and salt.
    I'm very grateful but nothing comes without a cost.

    So I'm thinking given the age, it might be proactive to do the 100,000 mile service from the manual. Now. Something I'd probably do anyway if I had purchased something without knowing the history of it.
    But ... times are tight everywhere these days and I'm no exception so thought I would ask if you people thought it wise ... or overkill?

    P.S. MAY03LT. I still have my '96 Z71 at 340,000 kms. on the road thanks to a few of your videos.
    Many sincere thanks.
  2. Sparky

    Sparky Moderator

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    Check a couple of the plugs, but those are probably just fine - they don't break down with age. Wires are likely OK too, but inspect them. Same thing with belts, hoses, etc. Inspect, but don't replace if not necessary.

    Fluids are a little different. They can and do break down with age. Inspect the fluids, if the transmission fluid hasn't been changed yet I'd go ahead and do a pan drop and change the fluid and filter. If the fluid color is still good though that's all you'd probably need. If it is looking pretty dark though plan on doing the full fluid change like May03 has shown (same transmission after all). Check the coolant and change if it hasn't been done yet (probably hasn't), coolant is one of the commonly overlooked ones to change. Inspect/change other fluids if necessary. If it is 4x4 the transfer case fluid should be done, a 2004 Yukon likely uses the AutoTrak II fluid like the GMT360 does.

    Now most of these probably don't have to be done *right now* - you're probably fine to wait until you have a little nicer weather to do these things in.
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  3. Wooluf1952

    Wooluf1952 Well-Known Member

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  4. Mounce

    Mounce Silver Supporter

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    Give it a good once over. Check all fluids (diffs and transfer case included), filters, and maintainence items and formulate your own idea of what's going on and what needs to be watched.
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  5. littleblazer

    littleblazer Well-Known Member

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    Check the heat on the rear hvac for operation, the control module tends to fail and leave it on a/c. Unless it doesn't have secondary climate control then forget it.

    If it has the air ride also check that for operation.

    Other than that give it a good once over and do what the others said. I'm just listing things that were issues on our full-size that could go overlooked.
  6. chevy529

    chevy529 New Member

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    Thanks for your opinions people. Very much appreciate your taking time to post your thoughts. When, in the past, I've bought anything used, whether it be vehicles or machinery I've always dropped the oils and had them tested. If only for my piece of mind, but think, in this instance it MAY be overboard. But I wonder if sitting isn't sometimes worse than being used? Probably a good check over and a progressive list of fluid changes might be best.
    It's a full load Denali 4x4. Even has the rear DVD headphones still in the bag. Probably because he bought it when he was 77.

    If he had maintenance records they have probably been lost in the moves we've had to make for him into progressive care.
  7. TollKeeper

    TollKeeper Well-Known Member

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    Unless your dad did a 50k service, that's probably all I would do. Transfer case specifically, but also the difs and trans. Other than that, I wouldn't worry about to much. These are pretty bullet proof.

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