GMT Nation Decals

There are GMTNation decals available, as of right now I have the only stock. It is my understanding that decals are being sent to 2 other people on the forum and they are welcomed to ad their info to this thread and get these out.

Here's how this is going to go until further notice.

Paying Silver/Gold/Premium members only as we have a very limited supply, as this moves forward more decals may become available at which point they may start being sold to anyone to support the site.

The decals available are approx 14" x 2" and they say GMTNATION.COM

There are a few black and mostly white
There is a very small quantity of 6-7" decals in white.
And I literally have 1 white LOGO style decal and 1 black.


PM me with your preference of decal and I will let you know what I have left at that time.

At this time Gold Members get free decal and shipping
Everyone else please contribute $2.50 shipping to paypal send as a gift only to reduce fees.
Make sure your address is correct, or PM me the correct address.

I am not making any money on this, I'm just trying to help get these out.

Mods: if something needs to be changed in this post or something needs to be done differently please feel free to make the necessary changes and pm me with details.

Thanks to everyone who is/has contributed, and thanks for supporting



As far as I am concerned you are the only official distributor for the site at this time. The ones sent to the others should have been a one time thing.


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That is all.


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I have all the decals from the OP, I've been sitting on them quite a long time.


I have all the decals from the OP, I've been sitting on them quite a long time.
The ones that were requested to be sent to a staff member when he gave up on them?


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@Capote smh. I wondered what happened to those. @djthumper I can be the source. I still have a few laying around and I can make more. I just need to know who to ship them all to cause i hate my local post office. I still haven't mailed out the set I have for @Mike534x . And i just remembered to now .lol I'll get that done on Friday sorry Mike.


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The ones that were requested to be sent to a staff member when he gave up on them?
He failed to mention he was asked to return them.


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:iagree:...would like at least a couple for my rear side vent windows. I'll be watching this thread.

Thanks and hope everyone has a great week!


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I'll be shipping out a few different styles and designs to @djthumper . He's our go to guy for distribution. I really wish I had put together some more of the smaller banner style since they seem to be popular.


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@Drec & @cody_s PM me your addresses and I can ship out a set of the small banner style ones out to you guys.20181102_105408.jpg
If your familiar with your lights dust cap this is the size in comparison to this photo.


If you become a supporting member, @xavierny25 would would bbe happy to send you one. Just shoot him a PM.


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Back by popular demand.20190801_201306.jpg
I just picked them up at my brother shop and did the whole cut, pick and transfer paper thingy.20190801_214449.jpg
I'm going to mail out a few tomorrow (sorry to those that I have kept waiting).

Those wanting a small set of banner style, large banner style or the logo style just become a member at any level or donate then pm me your name and address and I'll have them out to you as soon as I can.

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