Getting 33s


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I'm looking at getting 33s actual tire size (185 70 r17) goodyear Mtr kevlars
I have a 3" suspension lift and 3.73 gear

I know i need 1.5" spacers
Is there anything else i need or will they fit with my setup?


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Already got the lift as well. Shooting for 33's on a 17 wheel too instead of the stock 18's. When i measured im pretty sure its gonna take a 1.5 to 2 inch spacer and a small amount of bumper and fender trimming. Those who have done it already will chime in soon enough.
My 31.5 inch tall tires in 265 width with a 2.5" lift needed just the very corners of the front bumper cover trimmed to prevent getting snagged by the tread. Another 1.5 inches of diameter and 3/4 inch width would certainly require more trimming and clearancing than that as they would hit more of the cover and would hit the fender liner pretty good too (I was slightly rubbing my liners as it was).
Well then it will just be the liner and maybe the fender itself a bit, might have to just see.


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I have 33s on 18" wheels with the usual lift and spacers and they only rub on the rocker panel on the inside of the wheel wells. Minor trimming with a Dremel/cut-off wheel was required. I took off the bumper cover and cut off the front of the inner fender wells too.


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Ya i cut the back of the inner fender. But i also rub when i turn sharp and will rub like crazy when i go off road since i only have the 3" suspension lift. No body lift. Downfall is the tire hits the fender when flexing.