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Every time I go to fill up I fill to about a half tank. After the pump gets to about 10$ it shuts the pump off like my tank is full. I have to fight with it just to fill it up halfway. Anyone have any ideas?


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The fill hose just beyond the filler hole loves to kink and constrict. Look at it inside the fender, and use a hose clamp to squeeze any kinks round, or replace it. Or the vent return to the nozzle area has a similar problem.

Added: Sorry - This is for my specialty platform the Trailblazer. I imagine every vehicle has similar fill hose construction.


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Sometimes you can switch which pump you pull up to at the station and get perfectly normal fill-ups. If so, then the problem is with that pump handle's venturi setup. If not, then do as The Roadie suggests.

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