My 1997 Blazer will not start. The seller states he purchased a fuel pump and filter within the last three months. My mechanic says I need a fuel pump, filter and relay. Is there any other reason that can cause the vehicle not to start?
There are many reasons that it may not start, but I would assume the mechanic has checked for fuel pressure.

Seller could have put a cheap junk pump in there that then just died because it is cheap. Or, maybe the mechanic is misdiagnosing. If you have power at the fuel pump's harness, then yeah, your pump is dead.


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In your other post I think you said you could hear the pump doing its priming cycle. In that case, you've got power
to the pump, so you can probably skip the relay, and there's not a heck of a lot that can go wrong in a fuel filter. A
cheap pump can go bad without warning. If you're on good terms with the previous owner, perhaps you could ask
him what brand of fuel pump was installed?

What did your mechanic say the fuel pressure was?

I don't remember if that model still had the throttle body injection that my 92 Blazer had. Possibly the fuel pressure
regulator, but I'll have to do some digging to see if that's applicable to that model.

Was any work done on the ignition system, like new plugs/coil/wires? Did the mechanic check for decent spark?



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