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I had to change the engine and got carried away with the "might as wells" and tore the whole front end off but after examining what came off I'm sure glad I did. Almost all of the rubber bushings were on the way to failure having either cracked or separated. The upper ball joints were so loose they would rattle when shook and the lowers were'nt much better. I'll replace the tie rods as well, there is no play in them but they are pretty loose. I also decided to pull both drive shafts and replace all the u-joints as well as both seals on the transfer case. I replaced all the seals on the front diff and actuator before I bolted them back onto the engine. My hope is to have a tight front end with no leaks for at least five years.

Here's a pic of the parts laid out for re-assembly.



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While youre messing with things I would swap in some new sway bar links as well. messing with my suspension a few months ago I added new ones and the ride was noticeably better (However I went with Mevotek and 6 months later I need to replace them already so be cautious)

Was it a bitch to get the lower control arms off? ive heard sometimes they can be a pain to remove


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Thanks Traz, I have replaced them, if you look closely at the lower control arms you can see them. Everything I've replaced was from Moog, all the bushings, the ball joints, the tie rods and the main driveshaft u-joints links all came from Moog and none of it was made in China. The u-joints for the front driveshaft were AC Delco. I'm done saving $5 buying the cheaper part only to have to replace it far too soon because it was a cheap piece of crap that didn't last.

The lower control arms came off easy enough with the impact.
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My apologies, the picture wouldn't let me enlarge so I didn't notice them.
For a while there that's all I did was try to save. honestly ended up wasting even more money.

That's good to hear. I'm looking to completely rebuild my front suspension as well. the owner before me used cheap second hand parts and they all need to be replaced.

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