Front End Crunching noise..


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Mar 25, 2012
Hey guys, Ive done some reasearch but cant find the exact answer.
When i break or go over a speed bump, there is a front crunching noise(sounds almost like a can being crushed, the suspension just sounds tired/old). i hear this noise almost everytime i break / go over a speed bump or curb. There is also a chirp that sounds like a mouse is stuck in my front suspension(when driving on gravel or slight bumps)..
I am thinking about changing the front struts and shocks, but dont wanna spend the money if i dont have to.
Any ideas is much apreciated as always
Thanks, Dan
Also, if it is shocks/ struts. Any recomendations on good ones?? maybe add alittle height to level the truck out in the front. :thumbsup: Thanks again


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Nov 19, 2011
Portland, OR
Have you had it up on jack stands to wiggle things? There are a dozen (or more) bushings that get loose or deteriorate. Upper control arms, lower control arms, anti-sway bar frame mounts, shock internals, upper shock mount, strut mount to the lower control arm. Elusive squeaks have also been caused by the threaded hood stops at the corners of the hood. If you can't wiggle things for some reason with the wheels in the air, then spray them (one at a time) with WD40 and see if the sound changes.

Shocks won't change ride height at all, but stiffer springs or adding a spacer inside the strut when you take them apart to change shocks will. Lots of discussion about stiffer springs around here.

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