From Dual Trashed Turbos...Into A Functional Jet Aircraft... via a Garage Engineer


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This is a truly remarkable story of a Young Russian Engineer who gets his hands on A Couple of Broken Down Turbos and by his Own Designs... Not only Builds a Fully Functional Jet Engine... But with a Pad, Pencil, Slide Rule and Drafting Skills blended with Pile of Balsa Wood, Styro-Foam Planks, Nylon Fabric and Epoxy Resin... He Perfects a HUGE Model Jet Airplane able to mount that same Motor inside of when Building Both inside of his Hole-In-The-Wall Garage ...and then gets The Damned Thing to Fly... Like a Bird of Prey 161 KPH.

This Video has a Very Special Appeal to me... because as a USCG Certified Jet Engine - Aviation Mechanic back in the 1970s, I completely Re-Built, Installed and then flew in an Aircraft many, many times using the 1,750 Horse Power General Electric T-58 Jet Engines installed within the Sikorsky HH-3F Helicopters. The Helicopter was capable of Take Off, Vertical and Horizontal Flight and Landing using a Single Operational T-58 Jet Engine....But the Aircraft was fitted with a PAIR of these...each weighing only around 305 Lbs a piece when fully dressed. Rotary-Turbine Engines ...FTW!

So I have a better than ordinary understanding of just how difficult getting EVERYTHING right must have been for him when he was designing and creating his Jet Engine... Damned Near "From Scratch" to work safely and reliably. The challenges here for doing what this "Kid" takes on versus what the Average Mechanic (like ME) might decide to undertake for this Jet Plane and Jet Engine creation and repairs... are simply staggering.

Bear in mind there will be some difficulty with converting his Pure Russian Dialogue via the Broken English Sub-titles. But, nonetheless, If you have an Hour to Kill, Just Watch What Is Possible whenever you Mix Gumption, "Book Learning" , some TRUE Mechanical Engineering Imagination and some Masterful Tool Use all combine as this Very Determined Young Man manages to turn Other People's Cast Off Hardware Into:

"The Stuff ...that DREAMS Are Made Of..." (Humphrey Bogart... 'The Maltese FALCON')

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