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Nov 20, 2011
First off a little history:
Had an 03 TB EXT that i purchased new in 03.
not many mods. res delete, S.S. gauges, Quad headlites.
all figured out on my own, since i did not find TV until after i had my 09.

09 TB LT3, 4x4 w/ G80 & towing package, w/ 425 mi.
first added the "bra" from my 03, vinyl rapped front bowtie, and res. delete
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w/ under 950 mi on her, torque converter went out,
waited 27 days for a new one. Loaner was an 07 TB LS
The day i got it back, took it home and installed the K&N CAI that had been sitting around for 2 weeks.
Took it out for a test drive on the tollway, and the TRANNY GAVE OUT :hissyfit:
Had it towed back to the dealer, and got the 07 TB that i had been driving for the last month.
I had bought my last 7 cars from this dealer, so they were more than eager to make it right.
They found a twin to mine(exact same everthing) and offered to take mine back and give me the new one.
I thought about it, until i found out it was built on same assy. line 2 day earlier.
Since i already had done the res delete and installed the K&N, and who's to say that the TC and Trans would not do the same thing,
i had them rebiuld the trans w/ new and better parts. (the ones that should have been in there)
To compensate me for my trouble, the dealer reimbursed me for a payment i made while it was sitting and waiting for a TC.
They also gave me Major Guard w/ $0 deduct, which is good till 1/14 or 72,000 miles, at N/C.
They also gave me a deal on my GM accessory chrome steps. (below cost)
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Had a guy help me figure out Cheap Quads w/ Fogs.
View attachment 19829

Added billet bowtie, lost the gold on the rear bowtie and de-racked
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View attachment 19850
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Picked up a set of LTZ rims off the classified on the OS. (they were already painted just had to touch up)
Picked up 4- BFG Rugged Trail's w/ approx 30,000 mi left on them for $40/ea.
w/ original running boards, my winter set up.
View attachment 19834

Whistler headlight mod, Billet Grill and Chrome/Clear Tails.
View attachment 19835
View attachment 19836

US Speedo White Face Guages
View attachment 19837

Winning pic that got me into the GM SUV 2011 Calander. I was Feb. At least 7 other members of the OS made the calnder also.
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View attachment 19839

Color matched hood protector and REDLINE hood struts.
since winter was coming, but on my winter bowtie, and grill mod.
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View attachment 19841

Avalanche 3rd brake light mod.
View attachment 19843
View attachment 19844

MarkMc's 3" suspention lift and spacers.
265/65/18 on OEM rims
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View attachment 19846

Lift w/ winter set up.
265/70/17 on OEM rims
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Mar 28, 2012
Nice truck, what did you paint the rims with and where do you get the redline hood struts and is there any modifying to add the avalanche brake light and is it a factory one from a avalanche?


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Nov 20, 2011

they had already been painted black when i got them. for the touch up, just used some scotchbrite pads to scuff them up,
then flat black rattle can, followed by clearcoat. used 2-3 cans black and 1-2 cans clearcoat

Hood Struts: Redline Tuning - Hood Support, hood lift, gas springs, hood strut, hood struts, bonnet, bonet, hood lifters, hood damper, prop rod, hood lift, QuickLIFT, Quick LIFT
i have the least expensive ones. no problems for the last 1-1/2 yrs.
there is a thread on here about them.

Avalanche Brake light: ordered off of e-bay.
only modification needed is the wires.
Blckshdw has a nice write up on here.
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Nov 18, 2011
Definitely a nice truck!!!


Mar 23, 2014
I love how clean your Trailblazer is. I am not much for white but yours looks great.

Boricua SS

Nov 20, 2011
How did I miss this thread 2 years ago? :raspberry:

Very clean TB for sure. Pix doesnt do her justice.


Nov 18, 2011
One great looking and well maintained truck. Solid overall in both its winter and summer outfits!:thumbsup:

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