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Carb cleaner or throttle body cleaner?
Throttle Body Cleaner ?!?
PCM Security Relearn
Fuel tank filler neck repair kit
"How To" Remove, Repair & Replace Broken Fuel Tank Filler Neck, R&R Delphi Fuel Pump & Quick Disconnects
Trailblazer fuel pump R&R...without dropping the tank
Counterfeit ACDelco Plugs
Filling with fuel always make the pump click off
No Start, Multiple U1000 codes, Class 2 Serial Communication Problem
How to repair sunroof
Module calibration info at ACDelco Tis2Web to see if there is an update available


a/c control issues 2005 TB (Front actuators/diagram)
2003 Trailblazer HVAC Schematic(EXT/XL Rear)
2004 trailblazer ext LS fresh air actuator problems. (Dash removal)
AC Compressor Clutch Adjustment / Replacement parts advice
A/C Compressor Autopsy. (YouTube Video)
A/C Clutch Replacement
A/C stopped working, excessive pressure on low pressure side (Bad/Weak Clutch)
Air conditioner clutch shim removal
Another actuator thread (Alternate actuator number)
USED Actuator calibration (Internal gear positioning)
Passenger side actuator replacement
How to "rebuild" HVAC actuators

Compressor Clutch Shim Removal (with pics)


How to: Add a Temp / Compass rear view mirror
How to: Add Compass and Temp rear View Mirror
Rear Wiper Not Working ?
DRL Eliminator
Quad Beam Headlights W/ or W/O Fog lights (Diode Edition)
How To: Quad Beams and Automatic Fogs (Wiring mods)
Which Halogen Headlights Should You REALLY Buy? (Halogen vs. HID vs. LED)
Electrical Ground locations
No Crank, Like Attempting To Start In Drive
Headlights went out while driving...help
DRL Killer / Quad Hi-Beams - Idiot's Guide
Blown megafuse after jumpstart or boost
How To: Replace "Shark Fin" roof antenna, 2006 Envoy [pics]
Red Wire (The disconnected ring connector near battery/underhood fuse box)
(tip) Brake lights inop, blown fuse
Rebuild your ignition switch
Envoy XUV Midgate Window Regulator Replacement
Battery light stays on but very dim
Battery light stays on, charging system checks out

Regulated Voltage Control (SARVC)
How to Use a Parasitic Draw Test Switch & Cable
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