F11 Top Coat?


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I did a search but did not find any mention, so figured to as here. Has anyone tried a product called F11 Top Coat. Of course I am skeptical with it supposedly being water based. But there seems to be a ton of good and positive reviews. I ask because the TB's paint is showing its age and I am thinking on doing a clay bar treatment, followed by a Liquid Glass pre cleaner and then a few coats of Liquid Glass polish. Or should I pay to have a detail shop do it. Thoughts?


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I've personally had better results doing things myself... I've actually had detailers comment on how good things usually come out... granted that's the boat but the cars are the same way.

I've heard of F11 but have never used it. I've been liking chemical guys for a top coat and have been using 3m compounding material to remove the oxidation with a wheel. As long as you still have paint left it's fine. For the top I use black light, it does make the metallic flake in darker paints pop which is awesome. Lasts reasonably long but is really easy to put on. I run the whole truck, wait a half hour and then buff the whole truck. Done. :2thumbsup:


I bought some. use it mainly on my motorcycle, does a nice job. works well on the saddle bags too.
found by using it that my motorcycle does not collect the dust like a fresh wax job does.
but some on my bug shield and the back of the mirrors on the TB. worked well, but does eventually wash off it not reapplied. when i run out of the F11 will probably try something else.
IMHO, to buy enough F11 to do your TB, at least 2-3 coats that they recommend, spend that money on a professional clay bar and wax. or do it yourself. think you will like the results better than just using the F11.


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I've always been a firm believer that you need to use good 'ol elbow grease and wax to get optimal protection for your vehicles surface. I first though that Paste Wax was the best, but I have been using liquid wax's lately and getting the same results. Liquids are also much easier to use.

I read a few reviews on that F11 and they seem to be mixed. It also looks like a detail spray. Shine and durability (with detail sprays) last as long as the ride around the block.
Take a look at some of these reviews on Amazon:

I will never trust a shop to detail my vehicles, only because I am very meticulous and like to know that no spots or methods were skipped.

When using a claybar, I get a spray bottle and fill it with tap water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid, spray it liberally onto the surface, then start claying. That works the best and is very inexpensive.

A full exterior detail to me:
Clay / Rinse
Paint Sealant
Beer ...for me

Tech Shine between waxes.

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