Explain your username to us

As an afterthought, using my full first and last name wasn't smart.
My nickname is Black Jesus (Since about 2009) which isn't exactly politically correct. So I pooped out "therealsethallen" and it's stuck.


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This has been my username for almost all sites I have been a member of. also a nick name from way back.

Gary P

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Well, like a few others here, I use the same username on multiple forums. It's easy to remember (for us "old" guys! :rolleyes:...) and is self-explanatory. I'm Gary!


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My name is Jim and I live in Radford, VA.


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I ride a 2011 Yamaha Stryker... and I was not in the mood to make up a name..


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I live in Colorado and it snows 90% of the year, and I drive a Trailblazer so out popped "snowblazer"! I'm on instagram too! Feel free to follow as I update that more than my build thread. :rotfl:


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Was watching a documentary on DNA the same day I created my first email address some 18 years ago. Figured it was a unique name to use, but dna@... Was already taken so they suggested dna59...idky they did but I just went with it ever since.


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I used to run a shop fixing and building custom.... PINTOS! No. Fieros.
Would buy them from the wreckers, and occasionally bring them back from the dead, or brink of death.
I also wore a white lab coat while working, and used a stethoscope to listen to engines etc. - people started calling me the Doctor.
Pretty obvious... Dr.Fiero.


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I got my nickname a long time ago on IRC channels. I have used it on allot of other forums as well. I am a network engineer by trade, and my real name is Chad.



Man you must have just been a kid when you were on IRC.


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I was in High school when I started on IRC. I remember having a second phone line for the computers before Cable broadband came out.


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BuffettTruck is a username I came up with when I owned a GMC Jimmy and was on a Blazer forum. While I have a very eclectic taste in music (listening to just about every genre except opera), Jimmy Buffett's more laidback, beachbum songs have really resonated with me since moving to Florida. So it seemed natural for me to associate the GMC with the musician and the idea carried over to my TB which I am theming off of the idea of a Caribbean Island or Key. Sandy beaches and turquoise waters.


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It was originally supposed to be trikeguy007 cause I used to ice race 3-wheelers but I misspelled it before I realized it


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I go by Mac with most people except the wife, and first car that I have had forever is a 2001 Integra. Wife has always been getting the new vehicle and the family cars, and it just so happened we had a customer leave their 03 TB at our shop and service manager bought it for $240 and it sat here a year so I bought it from him and fixed it all up. Interior was VERY clean, seats in good condition, driver seat leans a little left though, no rust under it at all.


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My gamer name. Got it in my COD5 day's. I was one of the few with a bolt action as where the rest always picked machine guns.
"Holy shit,he sure shoots back with that bolt" kinda started it. Was deadly with those :smile:
Lately also use "resistor" in arma 2, as I repair tv's as a hobby.
Total accident, when I was a newbie on the internet years ago I was registering at some website, I was confused and entered my street address where my user name was supposed to go. Since then northcreek has served me well.
XUVconversion because, I'm going to most probably take a saws-all to the rear pillar, loose the side glass, tailgate glass, make the rear just a bed and tailgate.

Well, it may be a hasty decision. I have only owned one for a week. Love it! Going to keep it.

HOWEVER, I guess the cost of keeping a retractable roof, tail-gate window, and even hinges working is going to be extremely cost prohibitive, or impossible since no parts are made for the tail end.

0731181540a_resized.jpgSad. I was so naive.

Don't care a bit. I wanted an Escalade EXT. Even considered the Avalanche. This was much more affordable. (Wondering why no longer) Fun stuff. My roof is stuck at 90% closed, window in tailgate is stuck in down position, even if turning key or pressing pressure switches, or Yellow button DOES produce a "click", nothing. DIC shows CLOSE OR OPEN ROOF and Airbag light is on.

I was smart and got the 5.3 V8 and 4x4 SLT. Extremely happy with the power, the sound, semi-luxurious feel inside, seating 5 and being separated from bed, AND, My mid-gate window works!

I get 18 MPG with AC always on, stop & go and 74 MPH and that is AVERAGE per DIC. Can't really complain. 182k miles and PO didn't exactly care about maintenance, so a couple drops from rear main seal. Fully expected, Blue Devil on order. Tranny and 4x4 seem great, knock on wood. So I really am a happy customer.

One trip to the dealership, ($130.00) to do the Tech II routine bypassing all the BS and see what the hell REALLY works before sparks fly, will update you.

But is it there are NO pictures to be found of a single soul's attempt to make an "Avalanche style" rear out of it?

I found this on Edmunds which gave me the idea:
Jul 7, 2006
Has anyone done an article on removing the removable roof on the Xuv to make it a quasi-Avalance? I would assume that removing the movable roof, side glass and frames would be a tremendous weight savings and would look much more streamlined....



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eh... it's your veh. Do what YOU want. I think it would look like a Ridgeline or some Subaru Baja.


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Pretty straightforward for me. First intitial W (for Winston) last name is Stuckey, and 1 because wstuckey was taken the first time I tried to use it so I had to add the 1. Since then I've used that same username for everything.

Sailor Mo

I am an avid sailor and sold my boat in 2015 after 30 years so I needed something to do as I am retired and as a young man I grew up working on cars as it was the only way we could have one so I have picked up my old hobby and bought a 04 GMC recently. My first name is Morris and some people call me MO, I am Retired


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Its my gaming name on EVERY game I play. Call of Duty, World of Warships, and another 30-40 more games.

I used to use the screen name Pontiac6kSTEAWD. At the time I owned a very rare Pontiac 6000 STE (Special Touring Edition) AWD. One of 1376 ever made.


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Long, long ago when the wife and I first signed up for internet and email service, I had to choose a name for my email account. Flyboy was already taken, so they suggested flyboy2610.
I took it. I've had a life-long interest in aviation, but never did anything professionally with it. I've been active in RC aviation in the past, but not so much anymore. My avatar is Midgel, from 3-2-1 Penguins! He's the proud pilot of the starship Rockhopper, the only starship in the galaxy with a manual transmission and a chrome spoked, leather wrapped steering wheel!

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