Envoy XL Air to Spring Conversion Lessons learned


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Jan 9, 2012
Although on the surface this is a pretty easy swap there are a few things to note that aren't perfectly clear:

1. BEFORE dropping the axles remove the clips holding the Rear wheel speed sensors in place to allow for slack in the line otherwise you will be putting pressure on the Wheel sensor wire.

2. Before trying to remove the airbags, Remove both wheels and lower shock bolts and let the entire rear axle hang. You can't do one side at a time and both air bags will be free to rotate and floppy making them easier to get loose.

3. When removing the Air bags, the spring clip is reached over the frame rail on top of the spring perch. It is hard to push on and release but just requires patience.

4. When trying to get the airlines out of the top of the bag it is helpful to remove the clips holding the airlines along the frame in place so you can get the right amount of slack.

5. Spray the top of the airline fitting with PB blaster to make it easier to release the hose from the fitting.

6. Arnott and Strutmasters both said to re-use the spring seats....THERE ARE NO SPRING SEATS under the air bags either upper or lower. So either you don't need them or you do?! I don't know. I installed my springs without them and it is metal on metal both upper and lower. I find it hard to believe that is right but going to try it. Needed to get it back on the road. If I get noise or squeaking will have to pull them out and put in upper and lower spring seats......

Any questions please ask. As per my prior posts I put in MOOG springs and Bilstein HD shocks. Seems to ride better than with the Air...

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