Engine Tuning


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I am writing this because I struggled to find good current information:
2008 Chevy Tahoe 5.3 flex fuel 4x4 3.73 gear ratio. (Completely stock)
Objective was to have better drivability and towing capabilities.

Tune provided by Wait for me performance Cost $125.00
The following improvements
No more Active fuel management 8 to 4 cylinder shut down
Much better acceleration and improved shift points
Idles super smooth.
No speed limiter (will never find out)
Tows 5,000 + pound trailers much better.
Gas mileage ( can not conform better also can not say it doesn't )

What I haven't liked: Nothing

I hope this helps.
Is that the guy in Warsaw?

Did you meet up with him or mailorder?

I emailed him about an LS1 tune and he seemed to be decent to communicate with, but found mixed reviews online and most were older.
Right on. Good to share then cause I was going to take a spare PCM there or have Regulator take it since he lives in Warsaw.

Did he tune in truck or take the computer out to tune?


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The tune was done right in the truck with a scanner and laptop computer. Very easily done.
One of my friends had this done a couple of years ago by this service provider and was very happy with the out come. This provider is about 1 hr. from me so it was a nice late fall drive. I would say when you pull up to his place of business you would be wondering if your in the right place. Does not look like a repair shop just a old building.
Which direction are you from there? I am about 3 hrs SE and work in Indy


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Are you satisfied with the tune or you want more?