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I was looking into why I did not have any door/headlight chimes/alarms and I think I figured it out. Is the door chime of the 05 Trailblazer supposed to play through the door speakers? I have a PAC module (came with the TB) for OnStar retention and it has an adjustable pot for setting a 'volume', but since I run RCAs from my headunit to the amp and the speakers run directly to the amp, I don't think the PAC module is fully functional since it isn't connected to speakers. Yes? No?
Default is to use the driver's door speaker for chimes, alerts, etc.

My Metra harness had a little speaker box for the chimes to route through instead of the door speaker. Not sure how the PAC works.


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It's an older OS-2 model for sure. I can't even find a manual for it and I have done a LOT of searching. Luckily the wiring is similar to the OS-2C-CTS, so I had something to reference when I redid the connections. I tried adjusting the pot while the door was open, keys in the ignition and headlights on, so I should have been getting some sort of alarm, but there was nothing. So I guess I will have to connect a junk speaker to the speaker-outs of the harness and see if I get anything.

I have the OS-2 model for Onstar, non Bose. Just went outside to confirm, the chime comes from in the dash, not the speakers with this unit. :twocents:

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