Does GM make a wire harness for Aftermarket Stereo?


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Nov 29, 2012
My brother works for GM and i am looking for a gmos-04 harness before i buy a HU, i wanted to see if he could get me one for cheap since they go for 50-100 online. Does GM make this type of part? anyone know a part number? And is there one harness that will let me retain all my features? or do u have to buy several different things?
I have a GMC Envoy SLT with bose and onstar system, and i am pretty sure a non-lux amp.

any help is appreciated :smile:


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Nov 19, 2011
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All harnesses are aftermarket. GM doesn't want us to replace their fine head units, so they do everythign in their power to thwart us.


Jan 25, 2012
There are several different adapters, the one you need depends on the features the truck has and the features you want to keep. My HU was basic and the harness was $75 non bose, no onstar. After the HU I originally put in got swiped along with the harness, GPS, bluetooth and XM modules I decided to just buy a cheap harness off ebay. While I lost my chime and the RAP feature of just the headunit, the price of $6 shipped was alot better than $75. I also had to run an ignition wire which I tacked onto the main harness under the steering column when I wired in my alarm system (fused separately of course). You will also need the mounting kit which has brackets and a bezel to mount to the stock points and hide the gap of the extra space left over from the square shape of aftermarket head units.


Dec 2, 2011
Shana7711;109813 I have a GMC Envoy SLT with bose and onstar system said:
As I said in your other thread, I suspect you may have a LUX amp. You need to absolutely confirm that before going forward.

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Dec 4, 2011
yes, non lux - same as 05 on up.
Since your year had both, you said about checking components on Crutchfield - I would enter 05 as the year so they don't steer you wrong.


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Nov 29, 2012
good idea, thanks :smile:
so non-lux, what are my options? if i have to pay $100 for a damn harness, its gunna b a while b4 i get one. Maybe i will get lucky on ebay and find one for Then there is the 15 different types of harnesses.. are there any made so i dont lose anything? Im not worried about losing onstar since i dont use it anyway, but does losing that do anything else? I definitely want to keep my chimes and steering wheel controls. oh and i dont care about the rear controls thing either, my dog doesnt know how to use em anyway :tongue: what else might i lose? or do i need to buy to keep what i want? Damn bose system messed everything up...all i wanted to do was buy a new radio cuz they are cheap, put it in, and viola! but noooo, gotta buy stuff that will cost more than the HU
some bypass the amp, is that good?
Provides 10-minute RAP accessory output, what does this mean? i want the radio to stay on when the car is off until a door is opened, is that what it means?
Thanks lol

(believe it or not, I actually do search the web and forums before asking these questions, theres just not that much out there on the subject :crazy: )

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Dec 2, 2011

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