Do I need a new fuse block?


My son has an 05 TB that has been very slugish and would not start moving unless you put it in 1st gear. I just spent $800+ at the dealer to fix it (new plugs, 1 new coil and a our 2nd ignition switch)

Now 5 days later its doing the same thing. Dealer says I need a new fuse block - total cost w/labor = $656. What the #&%!

Does this sound right? A quick search seems to make me think they are overcharging if I even need it. Can they change out the fuses or switches they are bad?

Help me please, or make me a good offer...




Well at $800 for those initial parts they are already reaming you.

Did they give you any reason why they think it is a fuse block? That makes no sense to me.


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Welcome from another Bill.

Didn't they diagnose it properly the first time, and guarantee the fix? They're the ones you need to have a lively discussion with.

What specifically are they saying is bad with it now? Fuse SOCKETS can indeed go bad, but an experienced independent automotive electrical tech can see if they can be reworked instead of just replaced.

How many miles, and is there any other ignored maintenance besides the plugs? Is the CEL on and do you know the codes it's throwing if it's lit?


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I am way under classed here. I don't now the original codes. There were no codes the last go round. They told me today they just kept trying things and they "bypassed the fuse block and the symptoms went away".

I am guilty of not keeping up with the plugs, but the oil changes etc have been regular. We have 107 K miles now.

I would like to sound like I know a little bit about it tomorrow when I go back, but that boat may have already sailed. Is the price for a new block w/labor a fair one? Should I ask if they can see if bad sockets can be reworked?


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I do know from personal experience with the fuse block under the rear drivers side seat in my 02 TB that it is a really shitty design and a bitch to work on. A few years ago i was having repeated 4x4 , A/C and fan problems (and possibly other issues that i cannot remember) and narrowed it down to a bad connection in the bus feeding those items in the fuse block. In GM's infinate wisdom there is simply no slack in the wires to allow removal of the fuse block to make any needed repairs. So, using the wiring diagrams in the service manual i found which wires fed the items coming out of the fuse block and i re-fed those items by bypassing the fuse block and installing an inline fuse. Since then it has been good to go. I believe i posted all of what i did to remedy it on the "other" site when it occured.

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