Dead Driver Seat, Help!!

2004 Oldsmobile Bravada. My driver seat without memory or heat will not move in any direction. No noise from switch, no noise from motors, nothing. Also noted the seat belt warning does not work on driver's seat either. Is this indicative of a failed DSM? 2004 Olds Bravada, that I just purchased thinking it would be an easy fix. Tried the screwdriver pry and hammer tricks, no joy. About to pull the seat out, but thought I would ask the forum for wisdom before doing that. Thanks!


The fact that all of that failed at the same time indicates either
1) the black seat connector (under the front of the seat) has come undone or been damaged.
2) the ground point "G302" in the driver's side B-pillar has been damaged or disconnected.

Either could cause a failure of the seat AND seatbelt sensor at the same time. The seatbelt sensor is independent of the DSM.


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I did some checking today. Had already disconnected and reconnected the seat connector without any response. The ground is a helpful suggestion, I found them, disassembled the bolts, cleaned off the connections , added dielectric grease, and put it all back together, no joy. I then began to trace wires with a multimeter. Your input is a great suggestion, the fault was in the connector under the seat, had 12V on the input side, 0V on the side toward the switches. Turned out the 2 little pins were not making with the other side. A little bending with a needle nose put them right. All good now, Thanks!

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