Creating a Library of Proven Training & Parts Description Videos


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We all know from checking on Youtube for "How-To" Videos from 'Eric The Car Guy' and 'Scotty Kilmer' that their help has come in very handy for all of us "Visual Learners" on many occasions where only a video will do. I was wondering if there could be Two New Video Categories added to the GMT Nation Main menu that would cover two specific topics that deal exclusively with our GM Platforms. These would strictly involve a raft of Videos that must first pass muster with the Administrators and Mods after submission are offered for consideration for their Instructional and Training Values. It is not heretical to say that it is inefficient to keep 'Plowing the Same Field' if all of the Good Stuff has already been Tagged and Bagged for Viewing.

There could be a limit set to the number of videos allowed that cover any specific Mechanical Fixes and Parts Viewing and Descriptions for Appearance/Make/Model Numbers, etc. I cannot think of anything that would make GMT Nation more attractive to people searching the World Wide Web for help on repairing their vehicles and finding all of that information easily available and consolidated under One GMT Nation Roof.

These would need a bit of categorizing of the separation of sub-topics and a bit of watching out to weed out the Wheat from the Chaff and prevent there being say for example...'50 Videos "How To Clean The 'FILL IN THE PART'. The value of having this information would be to enormously reduce the amount of time it takes and the difficulty and uncertainly involved with trying the 'Hit or Miss' efforts necessary to find one, specific subject covered in a group of Videos that presently may literally be mixed in with tens of thousands of other Text Posts here at GMT Nation. People are often impatient with such things and will stop searching for things if the processes fail to show up with the product in short order.

Here is an Example Video of what these might look like to our Membership:

This is a Parts Description “Un-Boxing” Video of the Rear Main Seal Cover for the 2006 GM 4.2L LL8 Engine showing a side by side comparison of this New RockAuto Purchase against a GM Stock RMS removed from a 2004 4.2L Engine:,4.2l+l6,1432188,engine,crankshaft+seal,5604

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