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Hello! My low tire warning was for my left rear tire on my 2013 Silverado Texas Edition. But the actual low tire was the left front tire. So I tried the calibration trick by holding down the lock and unlock buttons, and it took me where I can calibrate the sensors with a little honk and message on the dash. I then started letting air out of the left front tire, but I never got the little horn signal with it. I put some more air into the tire, about 32, and tried again, but no beep. So I just pumped the tire up to 32, and the low tire warning on the dash disappeared. But it's still showing the left rear tire as lower then the rest, which it's not. So, what does that mean? Do I need a new sensor, or is there something else I should do to rectify this? Thanks!


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Yes, I started with the left front, but I never got past left front because there was no horn chirp with it. The only chirp I heard was when I activated the sequence by pressing down the open and close door buttons at the same time. When I began to let air out of the left front tire there was no chirp, so I didn't proceed.
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They’re not too hard. You need something to break the bead on the valve stem side of the tire. Once you do that, you can push the side down and swap the sensor.

What I’ve been doing lately is buy the sensors and have the tire shop swap them when I buy tires. The sensors usually last 8-10 years so once they’re old and I need tires I do it as a preventative measure.

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