Complete (5) Part Video Series to R&R Timing Chain Set on '06 Colorado


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So its the “Ol’ Crankshaft – Camshaft Correlation” problem again... Right?… that pops up its Ugly Head when the PCM triggers either a P0017 or a P0016… and occasionally even a P1345 Code as well that can make even the most seasoned Mechanic decide that since the two out of the three Sensors are RIGHT there ...why not just fire the Parts Shotgun at the problem? (… Meaning either the CPAS and CPS...but NOT the CKP Sensor). But sometimes... this will just NOT solve the problem... and you will have to get very deep into the motor to fix things... and so THIS is a VERY Rare opportunity to see how this job gets done right.

Without having a decent Diagnostic Scanner… trying to figure out “What the Hell is Going On?” can be well nigh impossible. So watch this (5) Part Series of videos from Eric “O” of South Main Auto as he encounters the smallest engine in the GMT Atlas Family of Engines being the (4) Cylinder in a Colorado to diagnose a P0017 Code… and uses TWO High End Scanners to get to the bottom of the issues; and not without a lot of head Scratching to figure things out. After that... Replacing the Timing Chain equipment becomes necessary.

In the end… the VOP (Video Original Poster) has to remove the Oil Pan, Front Timing Cover and Valve Cover to R&R the Timing Chain Hardware and sort out the Trouble Code cause as being from a fairly stretched out chain and some worn Timing Chain Guides... and based upon his lack of hands on experience with this Engine Platform… there is NO Doubt that Eric “O” would have benefited greatly from a visit here at GMT Nation to gather some additional “Non-Scanner” information about performing this difficult repair:

Check out from around (7) Minutes into Part (4) of this Series for “The Super Scraper” from Innovative Tools that he uses to clean off the Old Dirt and RTV from the Flat Surfaces to VERY CAREFULLY prepare the mating surfaces and get that Damned Old RTV off of the Engine Block and Timing Cover:


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Playing the videos at 1.5x speed helps but they are a long watch. Didn't even watch all of them completely.

One thing that comes to mind is that he didn't even try doing a CASE relearn or replacing either sensors. Although this would constitute shotgunning, it's still a lot cheaper than doing the timing chain if it can be avoided. And then watching a little more, it could have also just been the cam phaser with the slop it had.

When I did mine, it was fully evident that the tensioner was toast as the chain was flopping around at idle. And it didn't even have any codes.

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