Chevy Equinox 2013 Cam Sensor


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I have no greater confidence in the resources available here at GMTNATION than anywhere so that’s the reason I am posting this Equinox question.

I have replaced both cam shat position sensors bank 0 and bank 1 at least three times. Wiring a several months one of the other sensors throws the same code again. Because of COVID 19 it’s been sitting more than running and I have always changed the pure synthetic oil I use when the DIC request signals time/mileage is up. Before COVID, there was at least two such codes on one or both spread out within 6-9 months. The one I saw yesterday is at least the 3rd time.

We bought this car with low mileage, GM certified and drove it at least 50k + miles with no issues before the first time this code was seen.

The replacement sensors are AC Delco I purchased from Amazon. I’m aware that some believe that these parts are inferior AC Delco parts. If that’s true, then how can anyone trust any AC Delco part. That’s the reason I don’t see a connection to where these parts are purchased. If I’m wrong I would very much appreciate factual input that’s contrary.

Any idea what is causing the cam sensor malfunction code so often?


Circuit codes, performance codes, out of range codes? What code are you seeing for this issue?

Also 4cyl or v6? I'm on mobile, sorry if you have it listed in your profile.

Both engines have a nasty rash of timing related issues. Guides and tensioners wear / break, phasers flunk out, the works. Does it rattle real bad on startup?


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My apologies I should have provided the codes rather than assuming they were so common.

I have heard a rattle on startup on and off for some time only when cold start after sitting all night. Ambient temp seems to make little difference.

Code is P2009 (B camshaft position actuator control circuit low bank 1C)

Start up today sounded quite normal? I’ve cleared the code to see if it returns even though we aren’t driving it much lately.


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Would like to understand if this DTC is for Exhaust or Intake? Any input would be certainly appreciated.

Code appeared again today on a short errand after clearing it a day or so ago just to see if it returned to confirm it’s repeatability. Wanted to focus my troubleshooting on which sensor is causing this.


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It may prove helpful to visit a site-forum with a dedicated focus on the Late Model Chevrolet Equinox-Terrain Vehicles. This Site looks promising:

Also... The Haynes Shop Manual probably has more vehicle specific DTC Information available for a direct reference to the Equinox Platform and Power Train Issues:

...and given the Digital Full Set of the 2013-2017 GM OEM Service and Shop Manuals is available on DVD for only $20.00 on eBay... this would also give you some much needed diagnostic guidance...Straight from The Horses Mouth:



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As for the sensors, I only buy NTK/NGK branded sensors from NAPA, or ACDelco branded sensors from Autozone/Advance. This is the only way you are guaranteed them to be genuine. NTK/NGK makes the majority of sensors for ACDelco.


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I've also seen Denso either on vehicle or in ACDelco boxes.

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