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Hey everyone, does everyone have a good clearner of way to clean the carpets in out tb's? My carpets are pretty dam dirty and I want to clean the whole truck what's the best way and what's a good hd cleaner?


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Meguiars Carpet cleaner actually isn't bad, but with high volume I use Bissel Carpet cleaner and if its really bad I use Diluted Simple green. I also use a chepo steamer to break down before and after scrubbing.
I would recommend the 303 Cleaner & Spot Remover and a good scrub brush. Spray the stains and wait 1 - 2 minutes and then agitate them in multiple different directions. If you need more power spray them again and repeat the same process but dip your brush in a tray of hot water. In my experience this works just as good and maybe better than most steam cleaners and shampooers.

Greg @ DI
I know this thread is a little old, but I was thinking of trying to clean our truck carpets using a "steam" cleaner we use for the house, using one of the attachment.

The carpet is bad enough that I'm sure it can't hurt, but wonder if anyone else has used something similar with any luck? I've got something pretty similar to this:
Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge ?


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This threads got some age behind it. Hope this helps.

I used to be in the auto detail business many moons ago. We had a carpet extactor which worked wonders but the pricetag was $$$. Since I'm not in the business anymore and i still love to keep my TB looking like new I found any household carpet cleaner works fine. I have the bissell "pet stain edition" which is no more than a regular steam cleaner with a few pet tools added on. I just use the bissell cleaning solution in the machine and fire her up. If you have really stubborn areas, you could pretreat the stains with any carpet cleaner found at pepboys. Just follow the directions and then follow up with the steam cleaner to finish the rest of the carpets. Also, the steam cleaners are safe to use on headliners. Just dont soak the headliner. Clean like you would the carpets and you'llbe shocked how dirty the headliner really was.

Hope this helps,


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My method as great!....pre treat with a spray bottle and brush as described...then hit it with the bissell. I actually use really diluted tide as my carpet cleaner...I like the smell...mix in some washing soda (not baking soda!)...and you are good!



Bissell mean green clean machine


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you can also use a bucket of warm/hot water, degreaser (simple green or some citrus scented stuff) scrub brush and/or cotton terrycloth.

and a wet/dry shopvac.

Just make sure to rinse, too. and dry out the shopvac after use, or it will not last long.

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