Can wheels be restored?


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Feb 19, 2016
My truck has those angled 5 star 17" wheels. They're not my favorite wheel design but i got what I got. I was looking around the internet to see if I Could find "new" or like new replacement wheels. And I could on ebay but they are very expensive, generally about $900 shipped, and center caps not included.

So is there a way I can get my existing wheels "restored"? I don't want them chromed, I would want them just restored to like new factory condition. Theres a lot of what looks like corrosion under clearcoat. If such a service exists, how much would I expect to pay for it? If it's reasonable enough, I just might do it. The wheels and headlight lens covers really make my truck look old and worn out.


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Jul 22, 2015
Sure is. Search on 'automotive wheel restoration' and 'MA' -- you should be able to find shops nearby (I did this, which is why I'm so 'sure' of my answer)

It's a fairly easy process (for them); I've seen it done on automotive shows and the like. You might be able to do it, too (way cheaper), with the right materials. I'll bet YouTube has some vids on it (I didn't check, but I'm *almost* as sure... lol).

A lot of coated wheels are just paint / clear. Others have a rubberized coating, etc., etc.

(on edit: I have no idea what it would cost, but I'm guessing up to $200 / wheel. I got a quote for powdercoating a few years back, and it was about $150 / wheel, in the Chicago area)

If you're interested in having the wheels made black, or a color that matches or contrasts (ick) to your body color -- check out powdercoating.
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Dec 3, 2011
Brighton, CO
Or find another rim from the same truck line that fits..

Looks like is MA, theres quite a few.. (I used Boston as the search point, you didnt specify in your profile) <-- I am pretty sure these are GMT360, CHEAP!!

And more.. I didnt even check facebook marketplace
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Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
I had a set of wheels done for the Caprice in all black powder coating. Really contrasted the white car. Cost me $600CAD 5 years ago. There are shops that specialize in wheel restoration and others that do it as a side gig when powder coating other stuff. And colours are limitless.

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