WANTED Bumper cover 03 trailblazer(2 tone with fog lights cutout)

Uh the thread title says it all. I need a bumper cover for an 03 trailblazer that has fog lights cut out and is for a 2 tone paint scheme. Apparently there is a difference between the 2 tone and the single color TB's. Preferably gm gold but not a necessity.
Paint doesn't make a difference. Any TB LS bumper will fit your truck. The 06+ LT and SS bumpers will also technically fit, but would leave a gap below the grille, and of course are more expensive. :twocents:
I know what he means. There are some that are "two toned" where a part of the bumper is a textured grey plastic that isn't paintable and the rest is painted. And there is the single tone where the whole bumper can be painted.
I will be installing my MDB fab steel bumper in the next couple weeks and I won't need my bumper cover anymore. 2007 white trailblazer ls. Im located in Northern California.

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