Best PDF Instructions EVER! "How To Use a Cylinder Bore Hone"


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For anyone involved with "freshening up" their GM Atlas 4.2L Engine Blocks...and ALL of the GM LS Motors, it is Very Important to understand that they should ONLY use the Ball Hone Style devices on their Tired Cylinders and avoid ever using anything involving "Stones" in those Bores ...unless they own their own Sunnen Machining Equipment.

The problem with Modern Combustion Engines is both a Blessing AND a Curse in that unlike the Old Days when the Average Small Block Engines used High Tension Piston Rings and wound up Wearing Out at around 100,000 miles as a result... the later model engine Low Pressure Piston Ring Sets behave more tenderly in contact with the more precisely machined Cylinder Walls.

However, during Complete Engine Over-Haul or Partial Re-Builds...Very Special Attention should be paid to the treatment of the Angle and Roughness of those re-bored areas with the prime goal in mind of achieving a reliable 45 Degree Angle Cross-Hatch Lines.

I was perusing THIS Linked Site and discovered what is arguably THE BEST Primer EVER on "How to Properly Use a Cylinder Bore Hone" to achieve these desired conditions that will allow the Engine Oil to cling well enough to the Cylinder Walls, and yet set up the necessary conditions to ensure that the Ring Sets will properly Break In. I've converted the Data from this link into a more useful PDF Format attached below in order to make this information portable and printable. I've also included the Link to the Original Information Creator within this Document so that he can receive the Full Credit for the Content at his original HTML Site:



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