Been learning stuff about my 97x 5.3i

Been learning stuff about my 97x 5.3i

Lots of rust inside front of hood. Think I’ll have a professional inspect/elvauleate.

I read wheel bearing are problematic, I’ve done plenty of boat trailer wheel bearings but never on a car.

The 97x has 152K miles and is still very nice what other none usalle maintainance problems can I expect to see in future?

Thanks RR
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Rust happens on older vehicles. Its part of their life cycle.

Its actually a hub and a simple 20 minute job. They are cheap and plentiful.

Not much other than the standard that any higher mileage decade old vehicle will encounter. This platform is pretty reliable and has cheap parts that are rather simple to fix.
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so the wheel bearing have a history of wearing out quickly on the 360?

sounds like I should carry spare hubs on long trips. a siezed wheel bearing will leave you stranded.

yes I would think the 360 is a relieable car there's sure alot of them on the road that's for sure.
I got 120k out of factory bearings, and another 100k out of the replacements except for one that made noise early due to being defective (replaced under warranty). Only ones that seem to wear out quickly are the cheapo junk crap for 20 bucks from ebay china.


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:iagree: The hubs wear out at a relatively normal rate. Nothing you won't get a warning about either. They're easier than boat hubs too. Nowhere near as much rust especially if you run in saltwater.


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I hate to jinx myself, my 2004 5.3 XUV 2WD has over 200k miles with original front hubs, who knows how much longer they will last.
You're probably on borrowed time. Maybe climate has some bearing on it (pun intended). They normally start making noise before completely failing, like a whirring sound, and it changes when turning making a curve. Usually it's the left side that's bad when turning right and vice versa, but it's not a sure fire thing. Can usually last a fair amount of time before it gets to a point where you must replace it.


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I've replaced quite a few hubs on various vehicles and a couple on other 360s. I agree on the borrowed time.