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Greetings collective brain trust group. Looking for some advice since I was unable to find info via search and or reading various posts. I have an 05 TB-LT. Have a newer battery only about 9 month old and no issues there. Side terminal connections and still use the factory cover over it. Looking to replace / upgrade the standard stock batter terminals with others that can ..

1. Allow me to make a connection for accessories easier without having to disconnect the entire terminal and cable
2. Be a bit thicker/deeper so that jumper cables can get a better bite on if the need comes up.
3. Would be nice to not have to replace the entire battery cable if possible.

I have seen some aftermarket ones on Amazon that seem to fit the bill. but wondering if anyone has done something like this already and or might have advice and or thoughts on such? LIke Brass over lead base? Thread size? etc ?


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WirthCo 30300 Battery Doctor Standard Side Terminal Bolt

Sorry it's not a link; I copied from one of my lists on the Amazon app. Less than $7, as I looked at it just now.


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How about a simple accessory hold down bolt?

View attachment 98135
This looks exactly like the one I have... I have it for my stereo and it does work very well for jump starts. I only have it on the positive side, but have considered replacing the negative one as well. No cable cutting or other modifications needed. The "captive" screw in the end of the cable just backs out, and this screws in in its place. Make sure you use anticorrosive spray if you do replace the standard screw with any other.

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