Badass little responder trucks......


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Don't give away the secret. GM has never advertised the Trailblazer as a police or special service vehicle, but trust me on this ... there are some suspension, hidden lighting and bumper reinforcement tweaks on more than one or two in this country. They might be popular in certain areas - cough stolenautounit cough - where they are fast, nimble, tough and (most important in these units) ubiquitous.

I always wanted GM to consider them for a slightly smaller version of the Tahoe pursuit because the basics are already there. It has a very low center of gravity and room for the 5.7 litre V8. Unfortunately, it was the timing that just made this not happen. By the time GM was ready to build and test the 4WD Tahoe as a fully-pursuit-rated police vehicle, the Trailblazer was out of production.

I can only take comfort in the fact that LAPD SWAT used Trailblazers ... or, at least in the movie "SWAT." If it's good enough for Sam 'mofo' Jackson, it is good enough for me.


I've seen a couple used in law enforcement and took some pics with my phone. Unfortunately, my battery is dead ATM. I'll post them if I can find them. IIRC, one was the US Border Patrol and the other was Canadian Border Services Agency.


There are at least 2 L.E. TBs around here and they must think mine is one as well. I have those antennas up there I get a lot of waves. Mine being lifted is pretty responsive and agile while using it with Search and Rescue.


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Got a couple in the squad at the University here, can see them around on game day.

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We have one here for our ERT. Decked out pretty nice. The rear cargo area is a big box that has slider drawers filled with all kinds of take down equipment. At the time I saw it, they were having a tatical meeting in the parking lot at the my local Superstore. I just walked up to the one officer that was standing next to the TB and said I got the same ride minus the tatical gear. He laughed and offered to show me the truck. I almost got to have a look inside the TAV (Tatical Assault Vehicle) they had. It's an old 30+ year old vehicle donated from the Canadian Armed Forces. To bad they had to go. Sad


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Just kidding. That is the new Terradyne armored assault vehicle at our last trade show. It didn't handle QUITE as nice as the new Dodge Pursuit police interceptor with the Hemi engine on our closed-course test track. On the other hand, traffic didn't really bother the Terradyne much. I think it was dragging a couple of Smart cars and a Prius when I brought it back from its test run. Thankfully, the stereo easily drowns out the sound of gnashing metal, and one could drag two Smart cars and a Prius on fire behind you and no one would know.

Or, for that matter, care.
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Found the CBSA ones. Can't find the US Border Patrol.
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Denver just retired their last Chev Trailblazer LS with the 5.3. It had pretty low mileage, and I was actually trying to buy it, but, finances!


I see a white one at the beach every once in a while. I've also seen one with dressed up by one of the local news stations. :thumbsup:

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