Bad grounds and broken wires

Have you ever found a bad ground or broken wire?

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    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • Once

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • Twice

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • Happens frequently

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I'm curious how many times you have found a bad ground or broken wire, to be the cause of car trouble? It seems like it is often suggested, and IT does need to be checked and ruled out. But how often is it really the problem?
Edit: this is your lifetime of experiences. And I personally can't recall a single time it has been problem.
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Well-Known Member this over the life of my TB, or across all the vehicles I've had? And do rodent chewed wires count? I've had a wiring problem in each of the last four vehicles I've owned. Aside from the chewed wires, it's been flex breakage inside insulation, or under-rated wiring (TB headlights).
Knock wood, I've managed to avoid bad grounds, but that's happened to friends of mine on other

I suppose that might count as frequently? :wink:




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And before someone brings it up, I wasn't talking about spark plug wires, I have seen those go bad.
Rodents? Hmmm, not really what I meant either, but I know it happens, my dog once chewed the wires off a gas powered welder.


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I chose 'once' b/c I know it's happened over 40yrs of vehicle ownership (but can't remember 'when' or 'what vehicle'). (on edit: a F**d. Had to be...) :laugh:

Admittedly, it's rare (for me), and when I see it described by others, it's usually either: a) rodents, or b) something like a main ground in the engine compartment. Usually 'a'.


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I had a bad ground on 1 car, it was a 1989 Acura Integra LS, it was in the flex joint for the hatch. It really pissed me off too. It was for the rear window wiper, and I failed a safety inspection for something I NEVER use. Dont even use my rear wiper on my XUV, or Rendezvous.


It might have happened a couple of times over the years but I wouldn't say it's frequent. I got bit once by the CPS wire on the 02 EXT.


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The best one was the suitcase connector on the purge solenoid on my wife's 2006 Envoy. The previous owner bypassed the wiring harness for some reason. Soldered both ends correctly and the P0446 code went away.


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I would have to agree with Mooseman on that. It's not that they're frequent but, it definitely happens once or twice a year.

I would say the frequent ones that go in my experience are the three frame grounds on the driver's side, then the engine grounds, then the odds and ends of the taillights or a random inside the vehicle ground.

I'm actually currently running a test on anti-rust/corrosion products/procedure. Grinding the frame and the bolt clean of rust. I applied a battery anti corrosive spray and then sprayed rubber undercoating on top of all of the bare metal. I did not use any self-etching spray. I completed that about 3-4 months ago and I'll be checking it's rust status this weekend.


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Two of the 3 PCM plugs (4200 MY7) had issues with wires pulling and breaking where you couldn't visually detect it. First time was a 'no start'. A power wire couldn't move enough amperage as it had gone so thin it might as well have been broken (mechanic found it using a 12V Halogen bulb to simulate AMP draw...very cool). Then a random stall followed by two different emissions related to the evap system (I managed to trace and repair them both). I gave up soon after and bought a new main harness while GM still offered them. It sucked to install....and I mean sucked hard. So much shit has to be disassembled to get to it. Been fine since knock on wood.

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