Any active users here in Arkansas?
Here's why I ask...

I have been (lurking) the sites since some years back, I was on the other site as S2Nice or BadassZ34, don't remember which, for a while but since those days I've been on a lot, lot less. Well anyways...
I've had a head gasket failure on my '02 and want to find someone nearby who has the wedge tool for doing the alternate head removal procedure and the cam hold-down tool. I'd be willing to travel to owners location and pick up, as well as compensate the owner of said toolkit for being a decent person. I've got a felpro gasket set coming, head bolts on the way, and some other miscellaneous bits that've been needed for a while, but I've laid out enough cash so far that I don't have room in the budget to spend $200 or more for a toolkit that I'm likely to only ever use once. I know that tools are a major investment, especially for someone who does a lot of tinkering, modding, fixing, etc. Having retired from military service as a mechanic, you can trust that I will not f**k up your tools.

Time is not totally critical, so I'd be willing to do this postal if necessary, but if you or someone you know would be willing to rent or loan these tools, please hit me up by PM.


EDIT: I don't necessarily need the cam hold-down device, and I could make a wedge tool if I had a decent drawing of the business end of one, so if anybody has one and can make a decent sketch with dimensions I'd certainly appreciate the heck out of that, as well.


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Check out the member map. You can also search all of the members here by location to see who is around you. Maybe shoot them a PM as well if they have not been on for a while.

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