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Nov 21, 2011
Hey Everyone, I don't normally do this, but my daughter is working toward attending a special program at Stanford University which will help her in her career path to becoming an attorney or maybe work in government. As everyone knows college is a major expense and trying to save and apply for scholarships is a task in it of itself. She started a fundraiser through the program to help her raise the money needed to attend, she also has another fundraiser that she created that helps to build schools in places that they are needed. The JSA program can also possibly help her in obtaining a scholarship or give her credit toward one at the University. My daughter has worked so hard in school and with children and I'm so very proud of her and I would do whatever I need to help her accomplish her goals. I'm the type of guy that if someone ask me for help I would do whatever I can to assist and don't ask for anything in return, but I'm the type that shy away from asking for help myself, which is why I don't normally do this (I'm a little stubborn that way :redface: ) but because this is for my little girl (well not so little now, they grow up so fast) I know when to swallow my pride and ask friends and family for help. She's raised some money through some local donations from friends, family, even a judge, but more help is needed. So whatever anyone can do it's greatly appreciated. The links are below. Thanks and God Bless.

Nia Lyles's fundraising page for JSA Summer Programs | Junior State of America

this one is for helping with the schools

Nia Lyles's fundraising page for Pencils of Promise

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